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Hello there,

I'm Peter.

Your friendly neighborhood nerd. I'm a speaker, mentor, strategist and entrepreneur who focuses on practical applications of technology, processes, creative funnels and websites. I love helping create powerful foundations for wonderful start-ups, communities and empowered business where everyone can learn and grow and help each other in doing so.  

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Great to have you here. I love connecting with fellow like minded business owners, entrepreneurs and nerds. So let's connect.

Feel free to look around, come to one of our events, interact with the growing community and ask for help when you need help on something.

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Hands on workshops

Learn proven methods to personalize and properly setup your brands, strategies, processes, automations, funnels, websites and marketing in very hands on events, workshops, and webinars.

There are self-paced options online, groups and classes to attend with co-founders and team mates as well as personalized services for your company.

Personal Mentoring

Whether you are stuck in a mental rut, can't fix that pesky nerdy problem, or simply need another point of view in your business know that you can get quality, expert advice tailored specific to your situation and needs that will help you move forward.

#Nerd Support

I get it, technology isn't “your thing” … but it is mine. With #nerdsupport you get the best of combination of nerdy help on your digital adventures, business strategy & expertise and a friendly yet not-BS approach to making things things get done and work right the first time around.