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Automation & Processes

Processess help you set proper expectations for yourself, partners, investors, employees and clients alike.

Automations are a type of process that help you scale business, offload your work load and gather data.

Website & Technology

Websites are the lifeblood on all reasonable marketing strategy. Pretty much a needed thing these days.

Technology is all about using the best tool for the job and making sure it works together nicely with everything.

Strategy & Sales

Strategy is the map and action plan on how to achieve your goals, but also how to reasonably measurably track it all.

Sales and copywriting are the tools you can track and use to implement your strategy and achieve your growth goals.

Want to learn at your own pace?

Learn at your own pace with absolutely no B.S., high quality, easy to understand courses, workshops, webinars and live events.

We have a great (growing) assortment of video training on Youtube all about business and helping you understand and demystify the nerdy things in life.

Not only do we have some great videos, events and courses but we also write some pretty cool stuff too! We focus on actionable content, ideas and strategies for folks like you.

Rather Nerdy Blog

Sometimes I like to write on my personal blog when it doesn't fit into what I write for my company: Chykalophia. Here on my personal blog you'll find some rather nerdy things, general things for the daily nerd, business reviews, and the like.

Thrive Themes Facebook API Connection Fixed: Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains
Thrive Theme's tools are great but sometimes things don't work: either because the code is bad or a third-party changed[...]
Fixed: (vscode) Git pull permission denied (Public key) on Mac OS
If you're using Mac OS (High Sierra or otherwise) you might have seen this error when you tried to push[...]
Set Unique Slug In Laravel With Unique Counter
In a recent Laravel project I needed a way to get pretty URLs BUT to ensure that they are unique.[...]
Simple Magento (jQuery) Quantity Increment Script
Magento's themes and extensions aren't always of the highest quality, and when I ran into an issue on one of[...]
How to prevent hidden mac files (__MACOSX, .DS_Store) from being added to zip
If you're trying to zip files on Mac OS but keep getting stuck with the hidden files like .DS_Store and[...]
20 Powerful Motivation & Self-Discipline Principles From A Reddit Entrepreneur
Love it or hate is Reddit certainly has some really great people on it along with some really good information.[...]

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