Hi, I'm Peter. Pleasure to meet you ...

I'm a nerd, a father, a husband and an entrepreneur. Lately I've been extremely interested in processes, funnels and automations and how to apply it to both life and business.

I want to help you learn and grow and in-turn help others as well. So that, I've created a no bullshit, down to earth and the most straight forward training courses at Chykalophia Academy.

Along with my wife and co-founder, we run our marketing agency Chykalophia from our home office. We're in a place where we're both able to work on this full time, along with our other brand projects such as Creative Women's Co (Chicago's premiere women's entrepreneurial community), our social store, the Academy, and a few others we have in the works.

While I'm not on social media much, I am trying to expand my horizons so feel free to connect with me via email or on social media.

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