Mac OS Spatialize Audio Spotify App Working / Work-around Fix
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Mac OS Spatialize Audio Spotify App Working / Work-around Fix

Use Spatialize Audio on Spotify on a Mac OS. Yes it works, but not through the app directly. Use Safari + Spotify web interface.

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How to get Spatialized Audio working on the Spotify App on Mac OS? Well, while there isn't a 'fix' as such there are two options to get Spatialized Audio working in Mac OS with Spotify.

This solution is for newer-ish MacBook's (M1 line and 'maybe' non m1's ... maybe) as well as newer iMacs and Mac Pro that support Spatialized Audio. Of course, you also have to have Spatialize Audio supported headphones.

Spatialized Audio already works fine on the Spotify iOS app (with supported headphones). So this isn't about mobile devices, only for Apple laptops and desktops.

Short Version:

Either (A) just use the Spotify Web Player (via Safari) or the recommend way: (B) use the Spotify Web Player for playing but the Spotify App for control!

How to get Spatialized Audio working on Mac OS Spotify App details how-to fix :D

Ok, so that headline is clickbait as the Spotify App in and of itself cannot / will-not do Spatialized Audio. At least, not on Mac OS.

This is a work-around to get all the power, usability, integation and goodies of the Spotify app all while getting the fun and luxury of Spatialized Audio ... which works in Safari.

The 'trick' is to use Spotify Connect to control your Safari web browser's session of the Spotify Web Player from the Spotify App.

Step 1: Launch Spotify Web Player In Safari

First, open up Safari and go to the Spotify Web Player. Here's a quick link:

Of course, log in. Kinda-sorta required.

Step 2: Launch Spotify App & Select Spotify Connect

Open up your Mac OS Spotify App and from the bottom bar, select Spotify Connect and select your Safari browser as the "Listen On" / "Connect to device" option.

Select Listening On "Web Player (Safari)" on Spotify App

Step 3: Start Playing A Song On Spotify Mac OS App

Simply start playing a song and it should start playing 'via' your web browser.

Step 4: Ensure your music is playing via the browser

Inside of the web browser Safari, ensure the Spotify is actually playing through it.

Spotify Web Player working

Step 5: Select Spatialize Audio In Sound Options

And now you'll be able to select Spatialize Audio options from the Audio dropdown thingy.

Spatialize Audio Working With Spotify on Mac OS