Examples of Bad Agency Pitch Emails & Spam From Junk Businesses
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Examples of Bad Agency Pitch Emails & Spam From Junk Businesses

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There are many people who want you to give them money, and may pitch their services VERY poorly.

Here are a few examples of some spammers that send really junk messages. I just hope they aren't wondering why so few people reply. My guess is they just want to scam people out of money and don't care about rate of return.

Though, others 'may' be legitimate businesses who just truly suck at marketing.

From Đạt Hồ Quang <[email protected]> and Tuyết Phạm thị <[email protected]>

This one is obvious spam due to claiming to be a legit business but using a Gmail account, duplicate messages I received and the junk looking like email address username. Also, their pitch sucks.

Hey Peter,

We are a Design Agency that specializes in collaborating with companies like Chykalophia with their Graphic Design requirements like Print Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Web Design, and much more.

Our experts are proficient in premium tools like CorelDRAW, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, etc. and can help you with

Peter, would you like to eMeet to learn more about this? I would love an opportunity to showcase our past work and address your questions.



This email was sent to {my work email was here}

Irrelevant? Please reply with "REMOVE" in the subject line and I will seize all future outreach.

From Erik Davidek <[email protected]>

Eric's pitch here spam purely because it's unsolicited, untargeted and he didn't researched into our actual needs. It's also extremely generic. I tried to find something about the actual team on their website, except it's pretty generic their too and doesn't list any team members. The 'office' picture on their about page is generic and uses a stock photo (I know that because my wife uses the same background image with our logo slapped on it as her Zoom background image).


I’m writing to introduce myself and SellersFunding. We provide modern lending options (up to $5M) to eCommerce businesses like yours to help them grow.  

Clients like Deluxy, Sunflower Ideas, Sambi, CrossNet and Icelandic Water were able to scale their businesses rapidly, get ahead of inventory, and consolidate existing loans with our help. 

Here’s our website and case studies:

Curious if you’ve considered adding cash to help grow your brand. Do you have 10 minutes for an intro call? How’s Tuesday at 2:00pm CST?


- Erik 
P.S. You’re welcome to book something here:

Erik Davidek
Business Development Manager
1460 Broadway 15th floor
New York, NY 10036

To his (obviously automated spam) credit, he did follow-up with yet another generic follow-up.

From Jamis <[email protected]> ... who claims to have a huge staff of web experts and they can't even be bothered to create a domain to pitch from? 'Experts' ... yeah right.

Hey Peter,

{{ my email was here }}

I represent a USA-based Staff Augmentation Company. For the past 12+ years, we’ve collaborated with thousands of companies to help them expand their capabilities and meet strict deadlines at reduced costs.

Our in-house talent pool includes 300 skilled 

o   Web Developers 
o   Mobile App Developers - Native iOS, Native Android
o   CMS & eCommerce Developers

Our developers can be made available to Chykalophia dedicatedly, or on an hourly basis for your projects.

Does this sound like something Chykalophia would be interested in? If so, let me know your availability for a quick introduction call this week or early next to discuss this further.


Here's a recent one I received from a company claiming to be super good at email marketing ... by spamming the crap out of people. I guess in their minds 'good' is extremely subjective and isn't a measure of quality nor value.

And wouldn't you know if they are so high quality their email was sent via gmail with zero personalization. And of course I can unsubscribe if I don't want to hear from them ... even though I never subscribed in the first place.

Life Pro Tip: Ifan email has that kind of unsubscribe messaging at the bottom it is 100% SPAM as that's not how those laws work. You didn't request their info, you didn't ask for it, it came out of no where, they aren't even personalizing it to you and they forced it into your inbox. 100% guaranteed spam. 
LifePro Tip #2: Never ever respond to these spammers. Not even to 'unsubscribe'. Because if you do, then they know that 'that' email address is a real one that someone has read and took the effort to respond to. Thus they know it's a legit email and you'll be spammed moreas your email is put on a "this is a real email" list and sold to others.
Good Afternoon,

Would you be interested in acquiring an Email List of Advertising Agencies?

Prepackage Lists

Also We do have the database of Advertising agencies, Public Relations consultants (PR), Sales Promotion agencies, Mailing and Fulfillment Houses, Telemarketing Call Centers, Direct Marketing, Media Agencies, Named managing/ media/ creative/ production directors and many more..

List Contains:- First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Company Name, Phone Numbers, Fax Number, Website, Revenue Size, Social Media link, Mailing address etc. in an Excel sheet..

Kindly let me know your target audience to send more information (Select any of the following category).

How do you intend to use the list? Do you plan to run an eCampaign?

Look forward to hear from you. I appreciate your time and patience in advance.

Thanks & Regards,


Business Advisor

Global Data Consultant

If you're not interested to further emails, please reply with the subject line as "UNSUBSCRIBE

This is a seemingly cordial one from someone named 'Susan R' with a non-matching gmail address to go with her 'professional' offer.

The subject line, which is poorly worded is: Let's built Marketing industry together and the very generic email body is:


Trust this mail finds you well.

Your contribution to the world of marketing has been well-received by our team. That is why we ask if you'd like to participate in our upcoming three-day event, which will promote collaboration and innovation and open up your perspective on things.

Given that your profile stood out, you might also be lauded for your efforts on our platform. 

All we need from you is a little bit of your time and information about when works best for you so we can set up a meeting.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


"In case you are disinterested, please let us know." 

And today's last example is from an agency that at least wrote things well though but as usual they put the spammy "if you don't want to get our junk, remove yourself from the list we forced you on!" line.

Life Pro Tip #3: Ifyou are going to send cold emails, make them personalized to the specific person with their wants, needs and/or goals. Generic emails like this are obvious spam and will get you and your agency blacklisted from us and our network.
Life Pro Tip #4: Ifyou truly want high touch cold emails, don't use an obvious spam domain. This particular example used a 'info' domain AND send it via Salesforce. Unprofessional and very obvious you're spamming as you're trying to 'shield' your main domain from spam ratings. I call bullshit and thus I'd never work with you if you do this.
Life Pro Tip #5: Don'tsell on the first date (email). I have no idea who you are nor have ANYtrust in your business ... and especially since you spammed me, you have what I call negative trust. Thus, there's literally no chance I would ever even entertain anything from you. A better approach would be to try to actually get to know me first instead of trying to sell me right away.
Kimberly Tasker [email protected] via uh25lxetu0rfjate.msp90oihmovloc54.09ywfvr.5g-5hllyeas.ind13.bnc.salesforce.com 
Hi Peter,

I love reading cold emails... said no one ever. I know how excruciating it is to clear your inbox of cold emails every day. So I'll drop the adjectives and speak in as few words as possible.

In short, we develop custom software solutions that may involve a combination of frontend/backend systems, web or mobile components, complex CRM integrations and migrations, IoT, and Analytics.

That said - we offer a no-cost one-week proof of concept and only ask you to move forward with us if you like our work. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting into before spending any money.

Is there a time that works for you next week for a brief call?

Warm Regards,
Kimberly Tasker
Customer Success / Whizzbridge

If you want to remove your email(s) from our prospecting list, please let us know in reply to this