Inspiration from Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator (Video)

This is a truly inspirational speech: Inspiration from Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator …. his character discusses all the ways that you can be a great human. This speech really hits home in light of the latest world events here in 2015. People are greedy and self-serving … in his speech Chaplin’s character talk about being […]

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Flatsome Featured Items – Show Multiple Categories Of Related Featured Items

The WordPress Flatsome eCommerce theme has a really neat feature called Featured Items. Essentially, it’s a custom post type you can use for … well, featuring stuff like portfolio items. Though there is one issue: it will only show related featured items from ONE category, which happens to be the first category it finds for […]

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How To Handle A Customer’s Decline Credit Card

Having a credit card declined sucks already, so it’s imperative that we as business owners handle this gracefully. In this video I go over the tips, tricks and ideas that you can successfully use to navigate the tricky credit card declined situations in your own businesses online and offline.

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