Why I Like The Markdown Language

The Markdown language is a written language created to help writers write more efficiently, specifically on the internet. I think it's great. It's what I use for all my notes, on GitHub, writing these blog posts and others. It's simple (sort of) and rather efficient once you get used to it. Here's why I believe it can benefit you too.

Why I Like The Markdown Language
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Markdown was created not too long ago to help with writing. It's used on GitHub and in various forms through-out wiki's and other websites. That it's really good for it taking design out of the writing process (similar to LaTex, but much simpler) and forcing you to focus on content.

My writing style matches up well with Markdown because it really is simple and it took my away from worrying about style, layout and all that jazz. As I write this, I don't care if images are left, right, up, down, all around, if things are bolded or not … I am simply focusing on the words I want to write and the ideas I want to get across to you.

How It Benefited Me

With Markdown, I've been able to:

  • Focus on just the words and story.
  • Not worry about how ‘pretty' it will look.
  • Write posts faster since everything is text based and nothing more
  • It's distraction free writing so I simply stand here and write! No fuss.
  • It handles the bulk of the prettiness, and formatting. I focus on the content.

Overall, it just made writing so much easier!

What I don't like about Markdown

This all is not to say that it's a perfect system. As Wilfred Hughes wonderfully wrote on his blog it's far from a perfect system.

  • There really isn't one coherent standard and implementation.
  • Lists are a bit wonky if you try anything more than a simple list like this.
  • and linebreaks aren't all that clean and pretty either. (it doesn't always do what you except it to do)

But for me, as I mostly just write … it's pretty much perfect.

I just write and write and then it does it's thing in the background. I'm a happy camper.

Markdown on WordPress and SublimeText

You can use Markdown with WordPress and SublimeText 2. Both are super easy to setup.

For WordPress, all you have to do it download and install (and activate) a plugin called:


That's it.

For SublimeText, you really should be using the package manager if you are using SublimeText, just install the packages called:

Markdown Preview

Simple as pie. Then when you want to use Markdown on a text file, simply which to Markdown in the Syntax menu.

I'm curious, who else uses MarkDown? Or do you use something other than Markdown for your writing?