Where To Guest Post

“Where To Guest Post”, you ask? Well that's simple: any place that will accept your articles and that is reputable (and can give you a backlink or credit for the post). So if guest posting is easy, what's the issue. The issue if finding where to guest post and how to find the places to guest post. Not all places advertise: “oh hey, come here and write for us!” Most barely saw a word on it. But fear not, there are a few tools to help you find guest post opportunities.

Let's start off by discussing a few general idea, and then get to some hardcore searching (made easy!).

If you're thinking where to guest post, then really the first thing you should be asking is how to I find the places that accept guest posts and can benefit me (while I benefit them)? Just like business directories, local listings and the yellow pages, there are listings for places that seek out guest bloggers and people who want to guest blog.

Here is a list of four really great places to find such things:

These are all places where you can find guest bloggers, seek people to interview, and even offer to be a guest blogger.

But how about searching for niche places to guest post? Those four places are great, but they still aren't niche specific nor will they target your market as well as you'd hope. So if you want to take control of your marketing really, here's a very powerful idea to find your own niche places to guest post: Google!

Here's what I mean.

To go Google.com, and search for your main topic or keyword. Well, nothing special there right? So let's add some Google Search KungFu!

Let's take the example of dog training. If our keyword is “dog training”, we can try searching for things like:

[code]dog training “guest post by”[/code]

See the trick? You force Google to do the hard work for you. That'll narrow down a list for you to places that specifically are saying “We want guest posts!” Now, here are some other search ideas:

  • “guest post by”
  • “guest author”
  • “Suggest a guest post”
  • “Write for us”
  • “Add articles”

And so many more. I think BuzzBlogger wrote it all well for us here: http://www.buzzblogger.com/600-places-to-share-your-content/

Do you guys use any specific places for guest blogger or have your own techniques for finding blogging/article opportunities?

Now you really have no excuse to ask “where to guest post” because you now have all the answers! Get to it!