WeddingWire Threatens To Sue, Creates Life Long Enemy
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WeddingWire Threatens To Sue, Creates Life Long Enemy

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Some companies simply seem to miss the whole point of customer service. A long while ago my wife created a very high end badge to help wedding related service providers showcase their support for WeddingWire and that they (the service provider) are highly rated and go really high quality work. She created this badge as a significantly upgraded look to the crappy and cheesy (and old) looking current “WeddingWire Brides Choice Award” badge. We didn't sell this badge and it was completely free to use for anyone who wanted it. We didn't use the word “WeddingWire” anywhere so we thought it was all good. Plus, it's a nice design update to their stuff right?!

Oh, how wrong we were.

Fast forward to a short time ago my wife get's a nasty e-mail from WeddingWire threatening to sue us for copyright & trademark infringement! That's rather scary! If you've never received a Cease & Desist + threatening lawsuit nasty-gram, well … let me put it this way for you: it's a rather big shock! Not only is the potential legal action rather scary, but that the horrible and unexpected horrible experience from a company that should have a good experience is in-itself a pretty shocking thing.

What do I mean by that? Well, WeddingWire is made for and around soon-to-be-brides, current brides and wedding service providers. This is all a very happy experience! So you'd expect that the company running all of it would be pretty cool to work with right?

Sadly WeddingWire seems to have the worst customer service on the planet. Yes, I am rather pissed off at them so this post is biased, but has a user experience professional let me tell you how WeddingWire handled this situation versus how a good and quality company would have handled the situation.

Wedding Wire's Shitty customer service (true story):

  1. See someone doing something that we don't like
  2. Threaten to sue them
  3. Send threatening letters
  4. Ignore their pleas and cries for talks and negotiation
  5. Create those people like shit
  6. Break all promises and completely make any agreements IN BAD FAITH

How any reasonable company would handle the situation

  1. Notice something potentially not-so-good
  2. Approach the potentially offending person as a human with civility, manners and understanding.
  3. See if there is a nice way to resolve the issue. Even by simply saying such as “hey, you have XYZ thing that is part of our trademark. Or so we believe. I would really kindly appreciate it if you would remove it to avoid any confusion with our brand.”
  4. If that person tries to negotiate, see if we can come to an agreement. If not, that's ok. Let the person gently and kindly know so. At this point, 99% of people will happily comply because you treated them like a person and with respect.
  5. Keep all spoken promises and agreements with the person.
  6. Keep happy customer and customer writes about a good experience they had with you.

So, I dare ask ladies and gentlemen of the audience: which seems like a better business move? Be a douchebag company like WeddingWire? Or be civil, keep customers and get more monies that way through the second option?

For those curious, the WeddingWire trademark is “WeddingWire Brides Choice Awards”. Our badge said: “Brides Choice Awards” … something that is not covered in their trademark.

Sadly, my wife was too stressed by the assholes at WeddingWire and their shitty as bad-faith needs to be disbarred lawyer to fight it any longer. So we removed her design from Dribbble.

But, because I'm such a good person I have the badge and design for you. In full creative commons license (sadly I don't have the PSD with me yet, just a PNG), and a big fuck you to WeddingWire, below is the badge. Enjoy and please never use WeddingWire, the Worst Company In America For Customer Service and Usefulness (and value). On a sidenote, if you're thinking of advertising with this, this is again a 100% true story and experience, I have yet to find anyone who put any money into advertising with WeddingWire and got anything back. So from the first hand and many, MANY second-hand stories: do not advertising with crappy WeddingWire.

Brides Choice Award Badge
Brides Choice Award Badge