Using A Cafe As a 2nd Office Can Boost Productivity

When working from your home office or regular office just isn't cutting it anymore, try working from a cafe to give your brain a change of pace and get things done. It's a good change of pace and the scenery can potentially unlock your rather creative and great ideas.

Using A Cafe As a 2nd Office Can Boost Productivity

Having a home office is great, but sometimes it's just a place where you can't get any work done. Whether it's the kids, pets or constant feeling of being too cozy and unproductive … getting to a ‘work' environment can certainly help you get things done. Same goes for when you work in a office regularly. If you're getting constant interruptions, have toxic (to productivity) people around or even simply can't concentrate in that office of yours: an cafe can be a rather welcome respite.

You should try going to cafe to work when:

  • You're constantly distracted at your current work place.
  • Can't seem to concentrate.
  • Need a change of pace & scenery.
  • Need a break from the “office life”.
  • You need to be alone for a while.
  • Looking for a place to get some new ideas.
  • You're trying to get some inspiration.
  • You want to write or program and need some background activity/noise to get in the “flow”.

This isn't a place for everyone though. A have a few friends who simply get overly distracted at a cafe and would much prefer a library or even their own cubicle. For me, and many others, the cafe is a welcomed getaway from the usual riffraff of the office.

At this cafe I'm able to work completely uninterrupted and more importantly, because I'm accustomed to writing and focusing on work at a cafe I'm able to get a lot of work done here as opposed to my office. I've gotten too comfortable in my office and there are way too many distractions. So instead of being bombarded by distractions and people, here I sit at a cafe writing this article in peace.

There are a few things to remember when trying to work at a cafe though:

  • Most likely, the noise will be annoying so bring headphones.
  • Charge your laptop and phone. Not every place has easily accessible power outlets.
  • On that note: bring power cables for the important stuff.
  • Be a good patron: support the cafe you're going to spend several hours in by at least buying a drink.
  • Bring paper and pen/pencil so that you can write out ideas.
  • If wifi is questionable, prepare for that: bring a backup internet source (tethering through your phone is a possibility) and take as many resources/materials as you can (a large USB key or external hard drive are prefect for this).
  • Try not to take too many things with you. A heavy bag isn't fun to drag back and forth.

Now get out there and get stuff done! Though let me know, what do you guys think of working from a cafe?