Traits Of A Self Disciplined Person

Traits Of A Self Disciplined Person

What are the traits of a self disciplined person? Good question. It's a good idea to not compare yourself to others, though by looking at successful people and learning from them you too can learn to be like them: successful, motivated, empowered, ect… All we have to do is take a look at a few people who are “there” already to know the traits of a self disciplined person.

Traits Of A Self Disciplined Person

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “that person really has it together, I wonder how they are so disciplined”? Most people have. In my youth I took that idea to near obsession levels … to unhealthy obsession levels. I was looking at all the ways I was NOT like them and that made things worse. Though now I look at those who are successful and learn from them. One good thing I gained from my youthful habits was my ability to observe and learn.

It's how I learned the traits of a self disciplined person and how I can be like that too. At first I thought it was near impossible to be like that. But by using the 1% rule I'm getting there.

The 1% rule: Improve by 1% every day and in one year you'll be a significantly better you.

In order to do that you need to know what to strive for, or at least the general direct of “better”. For this I looked at traits of a self disciplined person and found some great and simple things. Some traits of a self disciplined person include:

  • They do not think about what they're going to do, they just do it. This is not to say they are thoughtless, just that they take immediate action.
  • They are “conscientiousness”. This is to say they intuitively know what do to and when to do it (at least for common things).
  • Generally being well organized in life, office and even in social circles.
  • Consistently keep up healthy habits and reduce (and eventually remove) bad habits.
  • NOT being afraid to mess up. Failure is part of becoming successful, so they take it in stride and learn from it.
  • They learn constantly. Training to get better, educating themselves about their interests and work: in generally they just always strive to get better and better.
  • If they don't know something: they go find an answer themselves or go get the necessary help to learn.
  • The make time to get the important things done in life such as spend time with family, work out, eat healthy, keep organized and clean, and to learn. There is no ‘eventually', they “just do it”(tm).

The secret to becoming self disciplined:

Just start. Pick something you'd like to improve at and just take a step forward. That's it. One bit at a time. It's the 1% thing. Better bit by little manageable bit. It's surprising how much can change when all you have to do is commit to changing bit by easy, simple and small bit day by day.

If you'd like to read more, I highly recommend you read the traits of a self disciplined person thread on reddit here: