Top Tips For Getting Yourself Known

Getting known on the internet these days isn't as easy as it used to. Anybody with a internet connection at a free internet cafe can put up a blog on your exact topic and now they are your competition. In my previous post, I talked about setting up social media sites to backlink to your site and gain exposure, though did you know there are plenty of other places to make quantum leaps exposure?

It is all social media, but it's with a twist. For this, we'll utilize all the best and most prominent tools and sites for getting your name out. With this, you could easily grow your twitter follower list by several thousand per week, get plenty of facebook fans and a whole lot more.

Lets get going on the list. There is no order to these tips, so pick and choose as you please.?

Use Common social media sites to gain exposure: This is normal and rather simple. I talked about this in my previous post here. This involves creating profiles on popular sites and backlinking to your site and articles. Simple.

Get targeted followers by joining niche specific sites: Most people don't ever think of this, don't know why. This is probably the easiest thing you could do. All you have to do, is find a forum, chat room, social site or group/page for your niche and join in. Then get in contact with the people there. Lets go with a specific example. If you have a product for the popular Facebook application game Mafia wars, go and join all the fan pages related to Mafia wars.

Most allow fan comments, so you can help out users with tips, tricks and their troubles. Facebook pages and groups a awesome and powerful places to get VERY targeted leads/followers from. Though Facebook/MySpace/ect might not be right medium for you. If you are a photographer, designer or artist you can put your items on sites like DeviantArt, Flickr, and Behance.

You should also join forums for your specific niche! They are gold mines of the most targeted traffic you'll ever find. Just search something like: “<niche> forum”, of course without the “” and the <>.

Grow your twitter follower list by following HIGHLY targeted people: Twitter, as we all know, is an extremely popular site. I don't know what to exactly call it, social media? But whatever it is, you can drive LOTS and lots of traffic from there. Though in order to drive traffic you needs plenty of targeted followers. Now, you could do this the old fashioned and extremely slow way: don't follow anyone extra and just let people follow you. It works. It's how I got my first 100 followers. Then I realized that there are effective ways to get highly targeted followers in my niche.

My niche happens to be internet marketing, so I find well known internet marketers on twitter and follow their followers! Most people will follow you back, especially if you have good tweets already. Lucky for you though there is a awesome way to automate Twitter! The best Twitter automation software is called TweetAttacks. With it you can automate following and unfollowing fellow tweeter users. Also allows for scheduling tweets which, in itself, is an extremely powerful feature. See below for a special limited time discount for TweetAttacks!

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