Top & Best Wordpress Admin Theme Plugins

Top & Best Wordpress Admin Theme Plugins

Are you bored of your old WordPress admin layout? Yeah, so was I. It's bland and every single WordPress Admin area looks exactly the same. So boring it hurts my eyes!

Fear not, there are several solution. There are only two that really stand out though. The rest are, from what I can tell, kinda sorta just … “meh”. Nothing to special (sorry other guys, but your admin themes really didn't seem that interesting nor good).

First up are the two best of the best WordPress Admin Theme styles. Though technically one isn't even a theme! WOOT!

First up is one I've already covered. So I won't get into too much detail here. It's called:

OZH Admin Drop Down Menu

OZH Admin Drop Down Menu - Top Best WordPress Admin ThemeThis plugin moves the menu bar from the left side to the top. There are several options such as color, color style (gradients and stuff), and even to enable and disable icon text. In the image above I have chosen the green-ish gradient theme and have opted to remove the text.

This made a very sleek look to my wordpress admin area. It also freed up a lot of horizontal space!

Other than moving the bar up and possibly changing it's color that's about it for this plugin.

Fluency Admin

This is the best WordPress Admin Theme modification plugin around. Hands down. Not only is it very pretty it's very functional! Check out how it looks on my plugin page (click the image to see a larger version):

Fluency Admin - Top Best WordPress Admin Theme Plugin

Pure awesome, no?

You get an awesome sleek n' sexy dark gray bar on the left. It's also changes the font in the admin area. That takes a little bit of getting used to.

Also it was some very pretty mouse over effects on the menus. So if you're looking for an awesome and the absolute best admin theme, this would be it.

Sadly nothing else compares. I found a link though to a few other admin themes. I'd write about them, but they bore me. So here is the link instead of you want to check them out:

Yeah, it's an old link I know. There is nothing really new in the market anyway.

There is also another website (listed right below) which has a more in-depth overview of the OZH mod and Fluency. It also lists a few other admin mods. Meh. It's up to you if you want to test those out, but be warned: just like alcohol it's best NOT to mix and match!

Do you know of any other WordPress Admin Theme plugins? Comment below!