"Thank You For Commenting" Message Should Be Required On All Blogs
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"Thank You For Commenting" Message Should Be Required On All Blogs

"Thank You For Commenting" Message Should Be Required On All Blogs

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Have you ever commented on a blog, clicked submit and then … nothing. The blog reloaded to the exact same page yet there is no text, no nothing, telling you if your comment went through? Don't you just hate that?

Well that's what today's article is about. A huge pet peeve of mine and smack anyone upside their head who has a blog like that. This goes back to my user interface designing days.

The idea is simple: “Always let the user know what's doing on.” We, the users, are not you the programmer/designers/guru. We generally do not have the knowledge to understand everything therefore most of the time we would like to know what's what.

If we comment on a blog post/article we sure as heck would like to know if our comment was accepted and heard.

Now I don't mean accepted by the moderator, I mean accepted by the system.

We need feedback to let us know if it worked. If not, we might just end up double posting. Or worst of all, never come back again or never comment again … which is what I do.

So I beg of you Mr/Ms/Mrs Blog owner, please please give use user interface feedback and let us know if our comment was submitted.

Think of it this way, you go to the post office or the mail box and drop off your letters. But you won't know if the mail was accepted and sent until you get a reply back from who-ever your sending it too. How unnerving that is in this day in age.

Why anyone would want to annoy their readers like this, I dunno.

But if you have a blog like this, here are some ways you can make sure a “thank for your commenting” message will be shown:

  • Ask your favourite programmer/web-master/16-year-old to add it
  • Install the Disqus Comment System onto your blog and it'll take care of everything for you
  • Add the message yourself into the blog program code. If you use WordPress you can just use the programming hooks.

If you don't want to go changing things around like that, you could always:

  • Add a nice little message above the comment area that says something along the lines of “Please take note that the system does not tell you if your comment was accepted or not. Don't worry if you do not see a thank-you message”. Or something like that.

But whatever the case may be, I beg of thee PLEASE give us users a sense of peace when commenting and let us know that our voices are heard.