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How To Set A Business Budget Even With Unstable (Freelancer) Income

Budgeting is one of the most important things to do for your personal life and for your business, though when you don't have a stable (set) income per month/week/ »

Start-up ideas that generally fail

Not every idea is a good idea, and this is certainly true for start-ups. There are some business models that can be replicated over and over again to success, but »

Why Corporate Income Tax Isn't As Big A Problem As Thought

Taxes aren't the end all be all deciding factor in business nor in life. As the user /u/dwwo explains on reddit about Corporate Tax and it's effect (or there »

Constantly Improve Business By Always Firing Your Worst Clients

Bad clients are bad business and are a drain on the limited willpower and mental strength that we have, so always be firing your worst clients. If you always fire »

The Dark Side Of The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Many believe that entrepreneurialism and/or being a business owner is a glamorous thing. Where the cash flows freely, time is abundant and everyone is always happy, amazing and awesome. »