Start 2014 Off Right With Thousands Of Free Amazon Kindle Books!
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Start 2014 Off Right With Thousands Of Free Amazon Kindle Books!

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Reading books is probably one of the single greatest gift you could ever give to anyone, including yourself. So start out the new year with an amazing set of books to read all for free! Best of all, it's a 100% legitimate way to get these books free. No legal issues, because it's something that Amazon completely sponsors and runs!

Start 2014 Off Right With Thousands Of Free Amazon Kindle Books!

Did you know that you can get e-books from Amazon legally for free? No, this isn't some scheme nor any backhanded, underground nor morally corrupt method. What Amazon does is offer a whole slew of books for absolutely free with no strings attached at all … ok, I lied, one string: you have to use have (and use) an Amazon account.

Can you get any book for free? No. But there are two great options for you here. First let me teach you the two ways to get free ebooks through Amazon and then tell you why they do this.

If You Have An Amazon Prime Account

If you have an Amazon Prime account, then you have a this option available to you: You can ‘rent' digital books. Amazon doesn't use the word rent though, they use ‘Borrow'. Why? Because you cannot simply ‘rent' books anymore, you have to barrow them from other's who have purchased the book … or something like that. It's weird. But no matter, there are plenty of books to ‘borrow' for free!

You will not find all the books you want there, but many will be there. So where do you find it? Well, that depends.

If you have a Kindle, from the top right menu click on “Shop Kindle Store”. Then click on that top-right menu again (it's a big long list, fair warning!) .. near the bottom somewhere will be “Kindle Owner's Lending Library”. You'll then see your usual Kindle Library choices, except it's from the lending library.

kindle lending library

Once there, pick the book you want and select “Borrow For Free” (it should be the button on the right side).

If you do not own a Kindle, then you can only ‘borrow' books for free if people send it to you specifically. Find a friend with an Amazon Prime account, and tell them to send you a specific book (assuming they have bought it already). You can read how that all works on Amazon's Lend And Barrow Page.

If you want to ‘buy' books for Free

For this, you don't need an Amazon Prime account nor a Kindle. All you need in a regular ol' Amazon account. Got it? Great. Now go to the following page on Amazon:

What is that page? It's Amazon's Top 100 (and more) FREE (digital) Books list! Pick a book from there, click on purchase, checkout and you're done … at the cost of $0.00. Yup. You have to ‘buy' the book for $0.00.

The other way if you don't trust that link is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. From the top left “Shop By Departments” menu, mouse over the Kindle E-Readers menu item, and then click on “Kindle Books“.
  3. On the right side widget menu, a few widgets down there is the “Best Sellers – Kindle Store : Kindle Books” link. Click on it.
  4. This will load the best sellers list. But here you have two options in the center area: “Top 100 Paid” and “Top 100 Free”. Click on Top 100 free!
  5. Life free and live lots.

That's how you can read a lot of books for absolutely free on Amazon! If you have an Amazon Prime, it's not 100% free per-say … but hey, pick you literal battles. 🙂

Enjoy tons and tons of free reading!

Do you have any other great ‘free' stuff tips like this? Let us know in the comments!