Let's face it, the world doesn't know about you and you're not doing too well in your business. It could be that a) you're in a really tough market to get into or b) you're just not marketing yourself correctly/enough. I've got a hunch that it's latter.

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Tell me if this sound familiar. You put up a great blog. You posted what you thought was great content, submitted a few articles, tweeted some and then … And then your followers slowly grew, yet no sales. No one is interested in your ezine/newsletter/mailing list and things just weren't as hot as you thought.

Sound about right? If yes, then I've got a huge secret to tell you. Though in all honesty it's not a huge secret at all. It's called Social Media, and what others call Web 2.0. What is social media and web 2.0? These are high ranking websites where you can post all your content, thus creating backlinks AND getting your name out.

Some of these sites you most likely already know of such as Blogger, Google Sites and HubPages. But there are plenty more sites where you can post your content freely, as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of Bookmarking and RSS feed sites that you can submit your link and RSS feed into.

At a social bookmarking site you add your webpage's or article's link and it's now publicly viewable by everyone. When tagged properly and with good content, it's easy to go viral on such websites. These sites include Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. I also mentioned RSS feed sites, these are sites which you simply submit your pages RSS feed to and it will inform any followers automatically! RSS sites are a bit less known but are still very effective for marketing and seo purposes. Some better know sites are RSSMountain, Feedage, and Feedagg.

So why tell you all of this? Simple, if you submit to all those websites you can very easily create powerful high PR backlinks to your content. High PR backlinks will boost your search engine ranking and give you plenty of extra exposure. And exposure (and ranking) are crucial to business. Think about it, who will get more profit and visitors? The guy who has good content and no backlinks (and thus no one knows about him)? Or the person who has good content and has plenty of backlinks, has articles all over the place?

It's rather apparent that the person with more exposure will. Once you start posting to more places and getting more exposure you're visitors will surely increase. Below you'll find a list of some of the best social media, bookmarking and RSS submit sites. Enjoy!

Social Media:


RSS submit sites:

Automating social media, bookmarking and RSS directory submission:

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