Save All Your Content Ideas

For some people content is easy to create. They create it as easily as they drive the car or ride a bike. For others it's a constant uphill battle with no end in sight. Well it was like that for me too, until I figured out something so simplistic that I don't know why I never did it before.

This isn't some big “secret” nor any new technology. It's just something most people never take the time to do. Here it is, and you'll be amazed how simple it is: write it down.

This works? Heck yes, but you have to do it in a way that will actually work for you. I, for example, who two ways which are extremely effective for me.

  1. A moleskine pocket notebook
  2. A5 sized notebook with easy tear out pages

That's all I use. When I'm out in the city, in class, at work, on the tram or wherever and I have an idea I use my moleskin. When I'm at home I just jot my idea down on the a5 paper and keep it on my desk.

There are several key things to know:

  • Write down everything
  • oh yeah, don't forget: WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU THINK OF NOW

No matter who you are, you are bound to forget an idea you're having ‘right now' especially if your in the middle of something. Thus, why disturp your current train of thought? Write your quick idea down and save it for later.

How do you think I always have a blog post idea? I write everything down. 3/4th of my blog ideas for Blog30 have come to me while I was in class listening to a presentation. I wrote them down on my moleskine and when I needed a post idea, POOF! Into the notebook I went and there was an awesome fresh idea waiting for me.

Whether it's a post idea, a business idea or just remembering something: write it down. “Right now” you are probably busy with something else, so write it down and forget about it. Come back later to it when you have time. This in and of itself has helped me move forward in a lot of ways!

In what ways are you saving your ideas?

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