Reduce Computer Eye Strain At Night With F.Lux
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Reduce Computer Eye Strain At Night With F.Lux

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When you're working late, and your computer screen is blaring bright at you: that's not good at all. The human body isn't made to see such bright and blue colored light that late. Computers are made to be used during the day-time so they simulate the color of the sun, not something you want before bedtime.

When you're up late, the computer monitor does what it was made to do: keep showing with the same brightness and settings from the day-time. This causes extra eye strain and can cause several (bad) things, one of which is insomnia.

Thankfully, if you're on the computer a lot you can now get an app that will automatically adjust the color of your screen to reduce eye strain and help your body adjust to night time.

The app is called f.lux. It's available at and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and even for iPhones and iPads. Android users, you have other options and apps you can use (such as LUX).

f.lux is an easy to use app. Simply install it, set and forget. It will take care of the rest. I currently have it set to change the color of the screen gradually over one hour and it starts dimming around sunset.

When is sunset? I don't know, but this software does. After I let it find my location it automatically sets when it should start and stop.

So, if you're having from trouble sleeping because of your computer screen and your eyes are hurting, try f.lux app and see how it works. Yes, it'll make your screen orange/yellow but it's worth it for night time tasks.

And don't worry, it's free (and awesome)!