Protect Your Business WordPress Site Using Proper Backups

This is a rather nerdy post, so bear with me here. Many of us use WordPress for our websites, which for the most part is great. Though nobody wants to get to the office one day to find their website in complete disarray, disfigured or hacked. The reality all of those are real possibilities and there is only so much that we can do to prevent it, but that's for another story.

Today, I'll tell you a simple way to automate your WordPress site backup along with several options for doing so.

There are several free options as well as several paid options. Let's start with my opinion on the best free backup option. It's simply, and correctly, called “BackupWordPress“. It's a free and powerful plugin that does exactly what we want it to do.

BackupWordPress plugin

It's settings are very simple, and it's super easy to use. All you do is install it (and activate it) and it's already setup and working! By default it schedules a backup every day and keeps 14 days of backups. If those settings are fine with you, perfect. If not you can create your own schedule

backupwordpress schedule

You're able to get e-mail notifications, setup variations of schedule times such as daily, twice daily, hourly, weekly or monthly. You're also able to backup the files, the database or both and even create multiple schedules! This plugin is amazing and works perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. The only issue I found is that it says that you can change the back-up directory, but I found no such setting.

BackupWordpress settings are found unser the Tools -> Backup admin menu.

Premium options

There are two highly recommended (by others) WordPress backup plugins. The first oen is aptly called “BackupBuddy“. It will set you back a minimum of $75 USD. That's a pretty penny. Though it does a few things which the free options don't do.

Backup Buddy WordPress

BackupBuddy, along with doing basic backups, is able to:

  • fully and properly create the backups on third-party servers such as another web server (via FTP), Amazon web services, Dropbox and a few more.
  • Fully explore the permissions and file structure of backups.
  • A few extra options for file & directory exclusions

Backups are important, though they aren't all ‘too' helpful if they are on the same server … especially if it's hacked. So having the ability to backup to Dropbox, another FTP of Amazon storage is extremely helpful. Worth $75 just for that? I'm unsure, but having that ability is super important!

Another great option is InfiniteWP with their Backup Option purchased. I'm told it's significantly faster than a lot of the other options with the added benefit of being much more than a backup solution. InfinateWP is, at it's core, a WordPress management suite that gives you control over multiple WordPress installations from one single location.


It's an extremely comprehensive solution that comes at a fancy price: FREE. Except the backup (to repository, such as Amazon cloud) add-on, which is extremely important costs $49 by itself. Then there is the scheduling addon which is another $69. So far rather expensive. Though it is extremely comprehensive and flexible. You can get a complete listing of their paid addons here:

What plugins or tools do you use to backup and secure your WordPress website?