Here you'll find the setup I use to create videos as well as live stream using a DSLR from a mac. This setup is not a budget setup nor truly newbie friendly, but is is also not one I built all at once. It's been put together over the years and has finally evolved into what it is now.

Software & Apps

I'm also running a three monitor setup (iMac is the main monitor), with the two external displays being top-right and top-left. The external monitors are used to hold reference material and pretty much any window I don't want viewers to see while I'm recording the screen. Makes for a much smoother experience.

Current issues with this setup:

One of the biggest items is that it depends on all these apps working together. And as it depends 100% on your computer processing it all, there is a good possibility there will be a hiccup and your live video will freeze for a few seconds. So far it is rare that it happens, but sadly it does. Not the end of the world … just a bit annoying.

The other issue that I have set to solve is that the Canon 70D will record video only in 4:3 video ratio while everything else I record and use is in 16:9. That creates some additional editing work on my part, and if I do not edit it out it just doesn't look as great as I'd like.

Planned Improvements:

To help with the video glitchiness the first upgrade will be moving to a dedicated video capture device. I have not decided on which one to get yet, but it'll be the first item to help to help improve production speed.

The other improvement is getting an entry level 4K DSLR: Panasonic Lumix GH4 (~$750 after tax on Amazon). To help with placement, I also need to figure out a better (smaller?) tripod or wall mounting thing to place the camera.

Eventually I'd also like to replace the mixer with a more reasonably sized and more streaming / home-office studio video creation friendly one.