(One Way Of) Turning Laziness Into Productivity

(One Way Of) Turning Laziness Into Productivity

I normally try to write about some powerful idea and give actionable advice on it, though this time I'm unable to do that. Partially because I have yet to figure out how to explain this, but also because I have yet to figure out exactly how to turn laziness into productivity on a regular basis. There are many reasons for that, though I have at least figured something out.

Turning laziness into productivity needs two things:

  1. The need to get something done
  2. The unwillingness to have to either do the nitty gritty part of it or to have to redo the work.

There's a lot that I want to get done, a bit less that I need to get done and very little the needs to get done that I can pull myself to do without support. Therefore I've found a few ways to trick myself into getting things done.

My favorite way to do this is to forgo doing the annoying / tedious part of it! I know, that doesn't work in many things but it does work for many online things. For example:

I'm writing this post on Monday March 2nd, 2014 ~11am … My main goal for this week is a bit daunting and involves a lot of small things to come together very well: launch 4 products online. On top of that, all four need to have tracking, split testing, upsells, cross sells and even support systems put in place. Each one also needs several introductory videos to me recorded, edited and published (to the lead pages) in-order for my marketing campaigns to work.

Though here's the fun part: I like doing all of that. Except creating the lead pages. Not that I don't like programming designs, figuring out well converting layouts and all … it's just that I really don't want to spend my time messing around with stuff that can be done much much easier and faster than me manually doing it.

And thus: I purchased an account of a service that has many pre-made lead and landing page (and other) designs all ready and all I have to do is pick one of the well performing themes and matches my campaign, plug in my content and PRESTO! It's done and published with easy A/B split testing at the click of a button (or two).

This is a way of outsourcing and so far, just in playing around with the system, I've already saved a lot of time, energy and frustration since all I have to do is use a rather handy interface to customize well converting sales pages NONE of the coding! It's great! It's also all auto-responsive, integrates perfectly with Mailchimp and analytics and even has great spots to easily plug in the videos off-site.

A very simple translation: I can focus on getting the high level work done only.

I'm also thinking of doing similar things in other parts of my life as well. For example: ironing and laundry. I can do all that myself, but ironing takes a long while (to do right) and so why not hire a local stay at home mom (or dad) who can do that for a fair rate and do it for me while I focus on higher paying things (such as building sales pages & content)? How about some quick grocery shopping when super busy? Thankfully I live very close to several super markets and I can easily go most of the time, but sometimes both my wife and I are too busy with work and projects to leave so it's nice to be able to have someone else get some food for us.

And if you think I'm crazy: have you ever order food delivery? Pizza maybe? It's essentially the same concept. You pay a bit extra money to have prepared food delivered straight to your door. Versus you may a little bit extra to have <insert shopping list here> delivered to your door. There isn't much of a difference.

For me, it's starting to get to the point where my time is better spent on higher level things because that's one of my reasons for laziness: why should I do something so tedious when I can get it done for me and still make a profit on it?