Never Give Up, Never Surrender. Even If You Suck...

“Never give up. Never surrender.” Even if you suck and everyone hates you. Why? Because once you give up, it's all over. And I mean all of it. You're life, your career, your love life and even your mojo. They say fear and pain is the strongest motivator, but it's not. Hope is.

Hope wins against all odds and perseveres through the years. Had we not had hope, the Polish would have lost our greatest cities in WWI in mere hours instead of 4+ months of blitzkrieg. Hope moves us forward with a force that can only be describe as being pulled towards your goal.

Some have called it “The Secret”, the passion and even fate. Having hope and keeping that hope will guide you through even the worst of times. Hope is the essence of desire, passion and faith.

You “hope” there is a higher power, thus you have faith. You “hope” you will achieve your goals thus you have a burning desire. You have ‘hope' in your relationships/being/essence thus you have passion for everything you do and love.

You may not agree with my version of faith, desire, passion and hope but I believe … no, I ‘hope' and I know them to be true for me. Why? Because that is how my life has been and has turned out. My years have been filled with childish dreams, non-sense and a lack of responsibility. I knew a few years ago that I needed to change that. I had hope that I could, so I believed in myself. I had faith that I could change for the better.

Since my change in mentality several things have improved: I am now engaged to my dream girl, I am learning about my passions (photography, marketing and computer related stuff), I am now mentally healthier (no more self loathing tendencies and thoughts) … and the list goes on. I had hope I could change, I had hope in a brighter future where I could be a ‘real' man, I had hope I could finally love. Well folks, I'm pretty sure I did it.

Though it isn't all green grass and peaches here. My life right now is stressed and rather hard. I have about $500 to my name with ZERO income. Any and all internet marketing ventures I have done so far have failed miserably (maybe because I didn't try hard enough? I dunno that yet). I have no clue how I'm going to make payments for next month and I have little to no time to actually work on profiting.

My master's thesis is due by the end of next month. That adds on a lot of stress, with the biggest problem being I suck at writing research. My thesis introduction sounds more like a sales letter than a research thesis …

But you know what? I have hope; I have faith; I have a burning desire to succeed in my life, being wealthy like Armand Morrin (and people like him … sorry if I butchered your name! Spelling isn't my forte).

Because I have this strong hope in my future, and I believe in this desire so much I strive each and every day to better myself. I strive to earn money, without resorting to getting an actual J.O.B. (“just over broke”, it's my personal rule to not get one) and most importantly I strive each and every day to learn more about business and passions.

If you don't have hope, why not? Believe in yourself and your essence. You will get there, have faith and hope.

From my adventures in life I have learned much. Out of everything it finally took Scott at UnMarketing to bang it into my head: it's not internet marketing or social media … it's “relationship marketing”. Networking and building relationships. It's that that lets you have even greater hope and renewed faith in yourself. Be active, invest in ‘yourself' and your relationships. It's done wonders for me. What has it done for you?

I shared my story, how about you? Do you have a hope-filled story to share?

p.s.: My photograph above reminds me of hope and strength. I took that picture in mid winter, and saw that flower growing in the middle of the field in-front of the building.I'm in awe and wonder of it's strength. Here is a link to the full version if anyone wants it: Red Flower By Piotr Krzyzek