Need Content Ideas For #Blog30?
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Need Content Ideas For #Blog30?

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The #Blog30 challenge just started at full steam and yet it's still gaining momentum! But every good train needs fuel!

It's not always easy to come up with great post worthy ideas. Fear not, you are in good hands with Blog30. But if you already aren't part of #Blog30 Challenge click here to find out more. The info is free and the contest is free! Really! No strings attached!

So now that you're here and are out of blogging ideas? How about this:

Use #Blog30 for your content generation! I don't mean copy anyone, that is wrong on so many levels. But get ideas from them and build upon it!

Here is a quick list of things you can do with the wealth of Blog30 articles at your finger tips:

  • Write a blog response
  • Make a video response!
  • Creating your own article as an add-on to another's article. As a supplement.
  • If you found a topic you like from the articles, write about that topic
  • Write about your experiences in Blog30 so far
  • Write about what you want to write about!
  • Group a few similar posts together and write about them
  • Host interviews with other contest holders

There are thousands upon thousands of things you can do with the awesome awesomeness that is #Blog30. Let me explain a few of the ideas to make some things clear:

Do no steal content. I, and everyone else in Blog30, will personally hunt you down and do all sorts of unspeakable evils to you :).

With that said, try writing a blog response to this article.

Write what you thought about it. Even add on your own ideas for what someone can do with the articles here. You can even grab a friend and host a quick 5 minute video where you and your friend talk about the content ideas for #Blog30.

In that one idea I grouped several ideas into one! Genius if I do say so myself!

The important thing is, if you don't have any ideas, is to look around and keep your eyes open. With so many people in Blog30 this time you are bound to find something interesting and worth reading. And if it's worth reading it's worth writing about!

Try trying a Blog (or video) response to this article. Let others know what you think and tell them your ideas! It'll be a worth while post. And don't forget to link back! 🙂

Secret tip: You can even write a follow up or response to one of your old articles! Does that get your brain juices flowing or what?