My Signed Copy of Jeffery Fox's New Book: How To Be A Fierce Competitor
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My Signed Copy of Jeffery Fox's New Book: How To Be A Fierce Competitor

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Woohoo! As promised Jeffery sent a signed 1st edition of his latest book “How To Be A Fierce Competitor” to me! I haven't had the time yet to sit down with and read it, though I will soon. Before I go into what this book has, after ONLY a quick breeze through it, here's all the fun mail I got today! It's good looking, it's hard cover and it's signed. I like it.

It came in a nice Fedex express package, and wrapped in another extra bubble package for super duper protection! Woot! Never seen a book so fresh and clean! Almost scary. Inside was the signed book and his business card! WOOT! It's fun building up my “million dollar rolodex“. I'm not going to show a picture of his biz card, sorry guys. But I can tell ya it is a simple clean design … and the logo is pretty damn cool and witty! hm, maybe I should post a pic of the logo….

Anywho, as mentioned in my tweet the book looks very good. The cover is all pure white with a strong red color and simple design logos. I took three photos for you all to see. One is of the cover (the title pic), the book without the paper cover and the inside signed 🙂

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the book from amazon. It's a bit cheaper to buy it there 🙂

So take a look, but please bare in mind that the pics were taken on my iphone with only room lighting. So lighting and coloring suck on the images. Looks much better in real life:

There are also several things I want to show you from the inside of the book. Though I will wait to show you the goodies till when I read and review the book. Now, a few things about the book which I can say so far:

  • It follows a similar format as the previous book I reviewed.
  • People are saying very good things about it so far
  • Jeff is a really cool guy, also he has a very professional looking signature (unlike mine).
  • 154 pages of stories and information
  • 60 chapters, chapter 60 is a review chapter

I'll be reading it over the next few days, so I'll give you all a review of it then. Has anyone read it yet? How is it?