McSourcer Scam - Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing
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McSourcer Scam - Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing

McSourcer Scam - Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing

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Has the recession hit your hard and left you in the job hunt mode? Then it's likely you've uploaded your resume to many places and have sent it out to a plethora of institutions. One way other you are bound to receive an e-mail from the folks at So is McSourcer a scam or are they really trying to help you find a job? Well let's find out.

Update August 11th, 2012: Did some thinking and research. This is what I've managed to figure out: is pretty much a scam/phishing. Stay away. This name has NOTHING to do with other McSourcer named companies such as McSourcerTech. DO NOT accept linkedIn invites from anything related, nor twitter. So things to avoid are:

Very had any reply, feedback nor conversation with them. 

Until then, I recommend you stay far far away from them/it.

update April 20th, 2011: So, I wanted to make an update to this post since it's getting lots of traffic and (sadly) few comments. If this article helped you please comment 🙂 Also, here is the BBB rating of the company (an F … wow)

Before doing any internet research let me tell you about my story with McSourcer and my ex job-hunt. Sending out resumes to thousands of corporations isn't my cup of tea, thus I decided to post it on and see what can come of it. Sadly nothing, though I did receive a plethora of templated spam-type e-mails from various insurance companies. That aside, I received an e-mail from McSourcer very similar to the templated e-mails I received from other companies. My general response to those e-mails is:

  • Who are you?
  • How did you get my e-mail? (ie: where did they see it)

So I sent this reply to McSourcer:

?Hello Mike,

I'm wondering how you received my e-mail and who referred my resume to you?

After see'ing my resume you should be well aware of my skills and knowledge. How is it that I can help you?

Warm Regards,
— Piotr Krzyzek

I'm not one to take kindly to unsolicited e-mails. Especially one that looks very boiler plate and generic:

Hi Piotr,

Your resume was referred to me recently. Please let me know if you are currently in the job market.

If you're interested in hearing about our job opportunities please register with us online below:

We work on searches across all of the U.S. and some in Canada. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Mike McCarthy
Phone: 312.277.1986
McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
Chicago, IL 60611

Remove your email from my contacts by clicking the link below and I promise to never contact you again:

Who can guess what happened next?

It should be no surprise that I got ABSOLUTELY NOT REPLY … except: I did get another templated e-mail (this was one titled “Corporate Recruiting Form (Contact Info Request”):

If I already emailed you then please ignore this, but I've learned that some of my recent emails were not delivered.

I have a copy of your resume and was touching base to see if you are currently in the job market. If so, please register with us at so I can easily update you regarding opportunities.

I'm based in Chicago but our current search engagements are spread nationwide.

Best Regards,
Mike McCarthy
McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
Phone: 312.277.1986
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
Chicago, IL 60611

Remove your email from my list here and I promise to never contact you again:

Again I sent a message. Well, no reply either. So I started to do some internet digging and came across these goodies!

On Consumer Fraud Reporting .ORG:

On the Virtual Assistant Forum:

And a few other links:

And there are plenty more!

The BEST resource to read is the article.

So what is my take away from this so far?

  • This is probably a phishing scam in-order to gather e-mail addresses, names, numbers, ect…
  • My recommendation is to stay FAR FAR away from McSourcer.
  • They have never answered anyone's e-mail nor contact requests.
  • Their website just collects information and forwards you to another job hunting site anyway … thus:
  • McSourcer website provides ZERO value to you and can `possibly' even lead to more spam!

Conclusion: You have been warned! All indications point that McSourcer is a phishing site to gather e-mails, names, ect and provide you (the customer) with ZERO value. Stay away!

If you've had any dealings with McSourcer let us (and the world) know below!