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Are you ready to start on your path to success? Are you ready to create the ultimate Marketing Fusion? Can you handle a technique which you make you over the easiest cash you've ever seen?

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This isn't a joke. No in any way. It's a sure fire method to give you a very hefty and steady income. Simple? Stupidly simple! Easy? NO! Nothing worth doing really is. But it isn't hard either. This isn't an affiliate program, this isn't a e-book for you to buy. This also isn't a internet course for you to ‘study'.

This also ISN'T a get rich quick scheme. It's fast, but it's a scam nor any bullshit like that. It's a true and tried tested secret technique which no one will ever really teach you. Here, I'm going to give you what I can to get you started on “Local Offline Niche Sites“!

What is an Local Offline Niche Site? It's a very simple 3 to 4 page website about some local business niche/jobs. This niche can be something like: dentistry, law, dog training/sitting, smaller retail stores and a heck of a lot more. Like I said, the website is very simple, so it doesn't have to have much information.

All you need on the site is some basic information about the niche and then ad space for local businesses. These ads spaces can be a link or a larger ad, and all they do is point to those businesses website or contact information (preferably it hold their contact information … more about that below).

Get the basic idea now? No? That's ok. Let me explain it to you in detail.

A local offline niche sites targets local businesses. Let's assume, for the sake of example, that you know plumbers are in high demand in your area. Some plumbers will have websites and larger plumbing companies will probably have their own as well. Though how do you find a plumber in your area? If you lived in Chicago you might search on Google for “Chicago plumber“. This will come up with lots and lots of results. There is the Google local business search, CitySearch and heck a lot of other results. So you know plenty of people search for the topic! Thus it might be a good choice!

Before I tell you how to do everything, you need to understand what would go on such a website. Like I said earlier all you need is 4 pages. One page describes a little about what plumbers do and a link to the contact page. On the contact page you have links or contact info about a plumber (more about WHICH plumber). The 3rd and 4th pages are just mandatory privacy policy and legalese pages. See? 4 pages BOOM! Insta-profit site!

How is this “insta-profit”? Well, once you have a website about plumbers that is ranked well you can find plumbers in Chicago. Find them in the yellow pages or even through Google, it's not important. What's important is that you talk to them, and tell them you are selling ad space on your website. You website also happens to be ranked on page 1 of Google/Yahoo/Bing for an extremely popular keyword (ie “Chicago Plumber”). Thus you can bring them X-number of customers extra each day/week/month. How much is it worth to them for all that extra business?

If you pick a highly competitive niche and a well paid one you can ask for a lot of money. I honestly don't know how much a plumbing job takes, but for the sake of argument lets say each customer is worth around $200 to a plumber. So you can say “that for $400 a month I can put your contact information on my site which gets (lets say for example) over 100 hits a day which has customers already ready to spend money on your services!” The actual price depends on the niche, the area and a lot of other factors. Start the bid off at whatever number you are comfortable with. Super tip: if you target laywers, you are ask for a obsene amount of money because with just one new client they are bound to get the money back.

And that's it. You have a website up, with their contact information and BOOM! $400 in your pocket every single month and all you had to do is setup a website! How cool is that?! No maintenance, no ‘users' to worry about. This really is easy money.

So lets go over the required steps. From A to Z – the (basic) steps to creating a successful and profitable Local Offline Niche Site:

  1. Pick a Topic. Try to pick a niche that has well paid business owners / workers. Services work best ie, doctors, lawyers, dentists, garbage removal …
  2. Research local niche searches for the topic. Go to the Google Keyword Tool and search for (or anything similar): CITY + keyword. Example: Chicago Plumber
  3. Find a topic with a google search count (global or local) of at least 800. The more, the better. Try to pick one with a search count above 1000. 800 should still be ok, but anything below that isn't worth your time.
  4. Buy a domain with the keyword in it. Preferably JUST the keyword.
  5. Create a 4 page website
  6. SEO that website and drive traffic to it. This can be done any number of ways. I recommend you post articles, ads and maybe some PPC ads. You're choice.
  7. Once you are ranked on PAGE 1 of Google, contact business owners. Get a contract with the owners to have them advertise on your site. Sell the ad space at a very nice premium!
  8. Collect checks each and every month!

The question right now is probably: How do you create such a website? This is the easiest part (other than getting your money). Let me give you a brief idea oh what you need, as far as website design: SIMPLE. Yup, the simpler the better. You do not need anything fancy. Just a simple HTML site with a header, a body and a right (or left) menu column. You probably also want a footer. You can get any highschool student make one for you like that for $5 or so. OR if you're lazy, just use a wordpress blog.

Now that I think about it, a wordpress blog is probably the easier way 🙂

Either way, you'll need hosting. For hosting I recommend HostGator. They are very friendly, quick to set up anything and very cheap. So give HostGator a try. Also, they have a Fantastico panel which will allow you to install WordPress on your domain in literally 25 seconds or less! It's what I use!

As for the site design: exact colors and layout … I'm saving that for the Marketing Fusion E-book! So you'll have to sit tight for that. Though, I might just be kind enough to release my secret template to my mailing list in a few days. So be sure to sign up in the top right corner.

SEO though, is very very easy. You can do it the old fashioned way or you can use one of two great marketing automation tools to REALLY speed things up! You can use Link Builder Pro. It's a brand new product hot on the market. It'll help you get lots of exposure quickly. And it's rather cheap too! So check out Link Builder Pro. There is also Link Builder Pro‘s older and bigger brother: SeNuke. Senuke is a internet marketing tool heavy weight. It can automate the most tedious and tiring tasks. It does bookmarking, rss feed submits and even blog post submits and article submissions! Give SeNUKE a try for FREE for 7 days, only if you're ready though. It's NOT for any marketing newbie.

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