Having A Little Bit Of Fun With Advertisements & Deals

You have to have a bit of fun in life, so in our latest ‘hot deal' on our local Chamber of Commerce website we decided to make something … different. It's witty, it's silly, it probably won't get us any sales but it's PR gold.

Very internet, much seo, wow.

Our latest ad was very silly. It's colder than Mars outside, so we thought eh … what the heck. Might as well do something different. Below is what we wrote for the Glenview Chamber Of Commerce Hot Deal:

Title: Internet Marketing – Very Internet – Much SEO – Wow.
Tag Line: Very internet. Much SEO. wow (results) ……..

Very January. Much Winter. Wow …….

Look at this cute puppy first before you read on! He explains
everything in this hot deal:

Since no one is going outside in this -52F (with wind chill) weather,
you'll need the internet to get customers in the door, buy stuff and
be amazed. Amazed at what? At my quick witted dry humor and the
results you'll get from having an amazing website and marketing

All this and a hot cup of coco includes:
– Bad puns Silly meme's Great
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
– Pretty darn nifty marketing strategies for us local Glenview businesses.
– Award winning websites & design (it's true. I even gave myself a gold sticker for it!)
– < something something marketing > RESULTS!

Now, the thing you've all been waiting for. Here are some buzzwords to help you feel more comfortable:

Synergistic, immersive experience, ROI, snackable content, engagement,
viral, ideation, advertainment, growth hacker, 360 campaign, agile

Excited now?

Ready for Your Business 2.0?!

Yes? Good. It's 2014 already! You, your busienss and even your customers deserve to see better, and do better, than a website that looks like it was designed by a 12 year old kid with no design nor programming experience back in 1990. If you're website looks like that, give us a call and we'll fix it and make things work.

One more bad joke to finishi this hot deal:

If there's somethin' strange in your (network) neighborhood Who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

If it's somethin' weird an' it don't look good Who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

I ain't afraid o' no SEO I ain't afraid o' no SEO

If you're seein' things runnin' through your marketing funnel Who can you call?
Chykalophia Group!

An invisible man abandoning your shopping cart Oh who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

I ain't afraid o' no design I ain't afraid o' no design

Who ya gonan call? Chykalophia Group!

This month's special hot deal since apparently hell HAS frozen over,
so let's spice things up:

10% off all web, design, marketing and consulting services if you sign
within the month of January. Also take an additions So, for example.
Let's say you want to ‘donate' $1,000,000,000 to us. With 10% off,
that would be: $100,000,000. If it's -10F in glenview, then that would
be an addittional 10% off! Which would make your total: $10,000,000.

Now, who wants to pay 10 million for a website? Anyone? Hm? Oh …
only the US government huh? Ok, well. For us local business it'll be
something very fair and reasonable for local Glenview businesses.

Visit us at: http://www.chykalophia.com/get-quote/ to … well, get a
quote or to simply contact us to chat over a nice late use
http://chykalophiagroup.com/contact/ and click on one of the options
on the left side.

You can also call us at: (877) 413-9613 … yes yes, it's a toll free
number. We're local, we just wanted to be fancy.