Just Don't Forget To Subscribe To Comments Or You Might Miss A Golden Opportunity
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Just Don't Forget To Subscribe To Comments Or You Might Miss A Golden Opportunity

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Today's post isn't your typical run of the mill I'm going to teach you something type post. Today I want to let you in on a little known secret of large businesses.

Oh yes, this is a closely held secret that they never let anyone know. Ok, are you ready for it? Because I'm only going to do this one post about it, and once this post is closed it'll be gone forever …

Ok, not really. But you read? Good:

The secret is:

Talk to people! Get to know them and most importantly: Follow up!

I was thinking of making that bigger just to emphasize the importance, but there isn't enough computer screen space in the world for that. So the <h2> tag will have to do.

Gather 'round ya'll and listen to my stories at this here campfire.

If you're part of the #Blog30 challenge then you know it's about posting each and every day to your blog. But here's a question, are you wondering why you aren't getting retweets and comments?

Have you tried giving before getting? I was (and usually) am in the same shoes as you! I don't give up because I was raised to be a bit selfish and self serving, BUT it wasn't until recently that I discovered that by giving and not asking for anything back… I get SOO much back.

So here is what I recommend for you:

  • Go out and comment on people blogs.

Even if you don't know them or you think the article is a bit weird, wel … introduce yourself! Tell them that their article was a good read (or something) and give your opinion on it. Maybe you completely disagree! Let them know! Even if you say you think their idea is wrong the author will be SO happy that you responded! I know I am extremely happy when someone comments on my blog.

So why don't you give others the satisfaction and warm feelings by commenting on their blogs?

But wait, there's more to this story!

Though it's not really a story … 🙂

Most blogs have an option to “Subscribe to comments”. I suggest you do so. It serves many purposes:

  • You get an automatic backlink to your blog (WOOT!) … don't know what a backlink is? No worries, you can read my article about it here.
  • You get informed of any new comments which you then can comment back on (more links) and start creating relationships
  • By responding you also build your reputation and authority base.
  • If you respond a lot and communicate well, people will naturally gravitate to you. It's just how life is. People like to be around people who can help, are talkative and are all around fun people.
  • You might just find a Golden Goose egg laying around in the comments (either some useful information or by meeting a person).

It's worked well for me, and many others, so many times that I wonder why I've only learned about it now (and the hard way). Yesterday I commented on Robert Plank's post where I learned of an awesome plugin for wordpress to help me with marketing. But I didn't learn about it from the post. Nope. It was all in the comments!

In another post, I forgot on whose blog it was though, someone mentioned two new statistical plugins for wordpress that will help me learn who, what, where, and from where people get to my blog.

I've commented on comments and responded to some. This has also in turn brought traffic to my blog! Now how cool is that?

So don't forget, Subscribe to comments and interact! It'll be worth every second of it! I promise.