Internet Marketing Interview With Terrie Wurzbacher

Piotr Krzyzek InterviewI had the great privilege of being interviewed by Terrie Wurzbacher of Getting Unstuck LLC. I must say that was a very new and interesting experience for me! It was my first interview ever and we covered a whole slew of topics.

We covered:

  • Me
  • More me
  • Getting unstuck in life
  • What internet marketing is REALLY like. Trust us, it's not what all those ‘gurus' say it is. It takes work!
  • Great tips for getting your foot in the door with Internet Marketing
  • Biggest challenges for new internet marketers
  • Randomness!
  • and some info about my latest upcoming Facebook fanpage guide (for businesses).

It's well worth the listen. But don't take my word for it. Inside you'll learn a bit more about me and Terrie, and a whole lot about starting off with internet marketing. But please go easy on me. It was my first interview and I was scared out of my mind the whole time 🙂 And yeah, I did blank a few times.

That's life people. It takes work, some balls and effort. Even internet marketing. This interview proves that with even a little bit of effort each day you can move forward in life. Terrie and I both really enjoyed the interview, and we both you do to.

Let us know what you thought 🙂

Listen to the interview below:

[audio:/content/images/wordpress/2010/05/Piotr-edited-32-voice-audio.mp3|titles=Piotr Krzyzek Interview]