Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings - Part 4 - The Title

Intermediate SEO Tactics – The Title:

“It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it!”

I've mentioned this several times above, and it's worth repeating again.

One of the best ways to target keywords is to use them in your articles. So lets talk about exactly how to set up an article with some more advanced seo strategies.

Title: This is one of the most important areas. If your article is going to go on your own site, then make sure the article title and not the site title is in the <h1> tag. Save the <h2> tags for less important things.

As important you think as the brand name is, since we're not large retailers, our brand name takes second place to SEO. So, you will want the blog post titles to all be in the Heading 1 tag (<h1>). If you do not understand what this means, no problem. You can leave a comment below and I'll explain it. You also also contact me at Piotr.Krzyzek at and we can talk about going some SEO work for your blog or site. (Yes, that was shameless self promotion! 🙂 … nothing wrong with that aye?)

But here are some things you might not know (using Quantum Fanpages keywords as examples):

  • Put the keyword at the beginning of the title
    • a title like “Static FBML Free Templates” as opposed to “Best Free Static FBML Templates”
    • Note, there are time you'll want the latter. But for the purpose of this article and this tip, you don't.
  • Use the keyword twice in the title:
    • ex: “Static FBML Styles – Best Free Static FBML Styles”
  • Use the keyword phrase exactly as you found it. Do NOT add words to split it up.
    • If the keyword is “Static FBML Styles”, the title should have that exact keyword phrase and not be something like: “Static FBML Best Free Styles”. Bad bad idea.
  • Do not use two keyword phrases in the title. Stick to one keyword or keyword phrase.

Short Title Vs Long Title: This debate is really up in the air. BOTH are good choices. For SEO it doesn't matter if the title is long or short. This is about personal preference. I have used both long titles and had success. And I've had short titled articles that have success.

Length isn't important. “It's not the size that matters… it's how you use it!”

In this case, it really is a matter of how you use it. You have to know what you are targeting and what

Let me give you two great examples of long and short titles, both of which get me organic traffic each and every day. On this blog I made a post a long long LONG time ago in a galaxy far away about a Kimono I bought from Japan. I wrote all about what a male kimono has and where everything goes. I titles the post “Formal Male Kimono –  Parts Of A Kimono“.

That's pretty simple aye? It's descriptive, it's short and it has the the keyword phrases (it counts as one but ranks for all): “Kimono”, “Male Kimono” “Formal Male Kimono” and “Parts of Male kimono”.

BIG thing to notice. The last keyword is not completely in the title right? It's split up.

Even though the your aim is to have the whole keyword phrase in the title is really doesn't have to be. It CAN be split up, but it is not recommended. If you do split it up, you will rank much lower for that keyword phrase. That's why I rarely get traffic from that keyword, but I do. So it's important to know that you can get it to work.

To be safe and a rule of thumb:Use the keyword phrase in the title exactly as you found the phrase.

Proof enough that short titles work? I could have even used “Formal Male Kimono” and it would have worked just as fine! 🙂

How about a long keyword? Be prepared for this. I created what must be the worlds longest working keyword phrase:

NVIDIA CUDA SDK Gcc 4.4 Problems Solved in Kubuntu/Ubuntu Jaunty 9.10: “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lglut” And __signbit/__signbitf/__signbitl/__signbitd “cannot be declared weak”

Oh yes, that IS one keyword phrase! Fun part is this title includes many other great keywords. At the peak of this article (before I messed a few things up in tests) … this article received 50+ unique visits a day! WOOT! I still rank high for many parts of that keyword. Kinda cool aye? 😉

Though let's be honest here, not all keywords make for good titles.

Taking a page from the Quantum Fanpages story, let's say I want to use the keyword “FBML”. Well, that's a very very general keyword. So in-order to rank for that I would have to have many articles with that keyword in them and do a lot of other things (which I'll talk about in future posts).

If I have the keyword FBML I will want to work with it a bit to not only target longer tail keywords, but also to make it more reader friendly. By reader I mean the person reading and not an rss reader or something.

So I would turn FBML into these possibilities:

  • How To Add FBML
  • FBML – How to Add FBML To Your Fanpage
  • FBML – Best Uses of FBML
  • Why use FBML

See? One keyword and a heck of a lot of possibilites. The most common addons to any short keyword phrase are:

  • How to ….
  • Do I ….
  • Doesn't work …. / Broken ……
  • Where to buy ….
  • Buy …..
  • Top 5/10/15……

And so on. Be creative.

Now it's time for me to ask you: What are your “Top Title Tips?” What has worked for you and what hasn't? Leave me a comment below!