Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings - Part 3

Keyword Research automation:

For those of you who know me, I love automation … mostly cause I'm lazy :). If I can automatic and systemize something I'm a very happy man.

Let's be honest here: Keyword research isn't easy or all that fun. It is A LOT of work. Especially if you're going into niche marketing.

There are tools to help speed this up and make things a bit easier. Some tools are very well known and others are a bit ‘under the table' type of known. Before you read on and complain that I missed an extremely popular tool, I purposefully left out some because I do not believe they deserve to be mentioned and/or I haven't tested them. And partially also because they either do not have an affiliate program or I can't get in for one reason or another. Just letting you know I purposefully left some out.

One well known tool is Micro Niche Finder.Intermediate SEO Tips - Micro Niche Finder This software isn't exactly for general keyword usage. It's best for finding the ‘micro' niches … as the title suggests.

But as with anything the tool is only as good as the user. So, in using this tool pick your general keyword to start, in the top search box. Click search and you'll get a VERY big list.

That's all fine and dandy. You could even use that original keyword list it gives you as your article titles, e-book names, domain names, ect ect.

But what you want to do is find “low competition” keywords. Meaning keywords that don't have many other people making content for them.

One of the best ways to find these low competition keywords (which is will be another long article sometime in the future) is to watch this video which explains a little bit about low competition keywords and shows you how to use MNF. You can watch that short 4 minute video here.

Don't be put off that the software looks a little bit old. That's ok. It's the functionality that counts, not the looks.

Another great tool is SeNuke. It has other purposes but it goes have one extremely powerful module made specifically for keyword research. Naturally the module is called “Keyword Research Module” and it's the first module in the program. Rather handy if you ask me.

Intermediate   SEO Tactics - SeNukeThe module in itself I find rather useless, BUT the module has a feature that I absolutely love. This feature is called the “Batch research” feature.

With this, all you have to do is plug in your main keyword, search the google keyword tool, then click “Copy keywords for batch research”. (Sorry for the lack of screenshots on this one, I'm writing this article from Linux and most of these keyword programs only run in windows … which sucks)

A new window will pop up, and all you have to do is hit the Batch Research button and it's off!

It'll search through ~250 keywords for you and get you a competitive analysis of each keyword. It will also get you a ranking of each keyword, how much it's search, it's CPC value and a pretty accurate result of weather the keyword is worth targeting or not.

It'll tell you if the keyword is: Very Easy, Easy, Could be Tough … and so on.

I don't have a keyword research training video for you here through SeNuke, but I'll probably make one very soon. Best of all, SeNuke is free for 7 days! So give it a try, nothing to loose really for 7 days!

The last automation tool I want to talk about today is Keyword Elite 2.0. Intermediate Keyword Tips - Keyword Elite 2.0This is probably the best looking software out of the bunch and also probably the easier to use.

My only gripe about this software is the original setup when just trying to do some quick research. It requires some setup, but it's not too hard … just annoying I think.

Anyway, Keyword Elite 2.0 has several modules to help you do one main task: Keyword research. It's based all on it, therefore each module leads you closer to good keywords.

They recommend starting out with the Keyword Surge module, but I say first start out with the Market Research module. It will help you discover what is what in your target market and where you should be heading. More or less, I use it to start off a campaign to plan my goals. Only then do I go into their ‘Keyword Surge' module.

I've also ignored most of their other modules. I guess maybe that's why it didn't exactly work out for me. Heh. I'll tell you guys how it all eventually worked out after I finish my masters, which at the time of this writing is due in less than 14 days. Yey!

They also have a whole bunch of training material and videos (scroll down for introductory ones). This is one of the ones I usually highly recommend for keyword research.

On the next part of the series, I'll be telling you the deep down and dirty tips, tricks and tactics for SEO! Stay tuned.

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