Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings - Part 1

Most people know the basic SEO tips of keywords, titles, and meta. Don't worry if you don't. There is plenty of time to learn and to make changes to your site. Today though I'll talk about some more advanced intermediate SEO strategies and tips I employ on my various websites in-order to rank on page 1 of Google for several great keywords.

Kathy Griffiths made a good introductory post about keyword rich content, keywords and seo, you can read that here for some good information. What's important to know is that even though ‘content is king' it is not everything.

This is part 1 of a long series for Intermediate SEO Tips. This one deals with setup. Nothing can be done with a good setup. Read on for part 1 – The SEO Setup!

Here is a quick refresher about basic keyword SEO tactics:

  • Use the keyword in the title
  • Put Keyword as the close to the front of the title as possible
  • For blog posts, the keyword density should be 4% to 8%
  • For articles (like on Ezine or something): between 1% and 2.5% (or 2%)
  • Use the keyword mostly in the beginning of the article and at the end
  • Use keyword tools to find better keywords

And so on.

Today I'm getting more into the MEAT of the subject and telling you what's what and where to place what exactly. What has worked and what is just plane B.S. about keyword SEO.

Let's start with SEO Keyword Research strategies.

Keyword Research Background:

I believe keyword research is very vital to the success of a campaign though I do not believe it is a end-all solution and holy grail of SEO. For the most part keyword research, to me, is all about finding keywords that can get you traffic that converts in some way, shape or form.

So, does keyword research mean finding that one Golden Goose keyword that will make bajillion dollars? No, sometimes it is nice. But the goal of keyword research and analysis here is to get related keywords to your topics.

For example, my new product website is about Facebook Fanpages. Maybe I should have called it Quantum Facebook Fanpages, and in all honesty I wanted to. But the careful consideration and what made me choose Quantum Fanpages was that the other name had ‘Facebook' in it.

I don't know if Facebook would allow it or not, so better safe than sorry. Quantum Fanpages

That aside, the website/blog is all about Fanpages therefore any keywords relating to my site are good candidates:

and on and on and on. We could get hundreds if not thousands of keywords related to facebook and fanpages. BUT here is the question for you:

Out of the keywords listed above (which I pulled out of thin air, just by looking at the site and the name), which ones are most likely to convert?

Let's do some detective work and try to figure this out.


Keyword research is import, but there is something much much more important to SEO than the keywords. And that #1 super important thing is: Your goal and aim for the website and any marketing campaigns for it.

This website is new and it's my first baby. I'm trying to emotionally detach myself, but as we all know that's not possible. But either way, Why on earth would I care what keywords my website ‘targets' or ranks for as long as it does and I get traffic.

Now, I know what you're thinking: More traffic isn't better. What you want is targeted traffic!

Yes, I know. I know you know, and I know you know that I know. But if 95% of the keywords my site targets organically, and any keywords is just happens to rank for are related to Facebook, Fanpages and the like … why would I really care what those keywords are as long as they are related and I get traffic?

This goes against what most people think and believe about SEO and keyword SEO. I know. This goes with the little practiced theory: “Ready. Fire. AIM!”

So once you do have some basic keywords and ideas laid out on and for your site. Then it's time for some deeper Keyword SEO and keyword Research.

To do the research we'll be using several tools. Including Google Keyword Tool, Micro Niche Finder and Keyword Elite 2.0.

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Stay tuned for the next post where I'll talk about how to find the good keywords to start and how to do keyword research with the new (horrid) Google Keyword Tools (the old one was so much nicer and better). Don't forget to subscribe!

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