Identify Twitter Spammers And How To Filter Them

We all love twitter to some extent, actually some of us dislike it. But either way if you are on Twitter no doubt you've been hit with some form of Twitter Spam. Whether it was spam direct messages or just annoying people so only spam tweets day in and day out.

Today I have a video for you about how to Identify a potential Twitter spammer, how to filter them (quickly) and some e-mail tips to thin out the junk Twitter mail we all get. Below the video you'll find all the fun links and sites that I mentioned in the video. Before the video though, here is a list of possible ways to identify possible Twitter spammers:

  1. The follow significantly more people than are following them
  2. They only post affiliate links day in and day out
  3. Their username is complete gibberish
  4. They only post quotes and/or R
  5. T's. Never commenting or interacting with anyone
  6. No profile photo -> this isn't all tooo much of an indicator, but 99.99% of REAL profiles will have a real looking profile photo
  7. Their tweets look like a one way conversation

There are others, but those are the biggest for me. Watch the video (after you click the read more button) to learn more about it and see some tool Anti-tweet spam settings and (free) tools!

Fair warning: it's a big video: 38MB! If the video is too big  to load on your connection let me know at piotrkrzyzek @ and I will replace it with a lower quality version! I'll also put up a link to a youtube version soon.

You can view the video in the full 1280×1024 format by clicking this link: here.

The website which I mentioned which allows you to vet followers is SocialOomph. It does more than that, I use it for a few automated messages and the auto-reply message I give to my followers for example. But it has some REALLY great vetting tools, which I don't use at the moment sadly, that will not auto-follow back for 3 days. Giving you 3 days to manually vet all followers and by the end of the 3rd day it will do some pre-determined action (follow/ignore/block). SocialOomph is a FREE website, but they do offer a Pro version for a price. The vetting and auto-reply messages are in the free version. So happily get that 🙂

The anti-spam checking website I mentioned is Twerp Scan ( It's a little bit slow, but that's ok. It's all javascript that's why. It didn't work in Chrome nor IE, but it did in Firefox after clicking the continue button several times. The continue button I'm talking about is a message from Firefox telling you that the TwerpScan code seems to have stopped working. But it really hasn't … it's just taking forever. So just click continue whenever it shows up and you're followers will be loaded.

The twitter settings site is:

The Stop Twitter spam site (rather outdated but still useful): Stop Twitter Spam Tools And Setttings