How To Find The Best Affiliate Products For Your Business

If you're looking for a way to increase the profit or website, affiliate products are your best bet. A well picked affiliate product can serve to enhance your product, to build upon it and even to offer something extra. Though, a poorly chosen affiliate product will strangle your profits until they dwindle and eventually become non-existant.

Picking a good affiliate product to work with is rather simple, but that does not mean it's easy. Contrary to what any “guru” might make you believe, internet marketing takes a lot of work. As such, picking a perfect match for your product (or for just using stand alone) does take some effort, some research and a bunch of work. It's not complicated by any sense of the word. It's simple to find one, it's just not ‘easy'.

There are two basic scenarios: you either have a product or you don't. In either case the basic steps are the same:

  1. Find your niche (or pick one)
  2. Figure out what people in the niche need (and are buying)
  3. Pick a product
  4. Stick product on your site

Four steps. Simple aye? There is more to it of course, though those are the basics steps you'll need to follow in that order in order to get it all done right.

Let's get straight to it. First you need to find a niche or figure out what niche you currently are in. You'll be surprised how often people get this wrong and mess it up. I have seen sales letters offering some great business e-book, yet for some reason their bonuses (and reasons to buy) included e-books on yoga, fishing and healthy eating. That almost makes it all seem like a self help book and not a business product, which is what I was searching for. Other's I've seen can't grasp the idea of focusing in on one topic or niche.

1) Find Your Niche/Topic

  • If you already have a decent product this is very easy for you. For example, if you are selling the Internet Marketing Explained e-course, then it's rather easy to tell that you are in the internet marketing niche. If you have lots of Fonts to sell then you are clearly in the design/art and typography.
  • If you do not have a product, then finding a niche is easy. Just pick one. Good niches include: diets, health, internet marketing (though these might be a bit hard to work with sometimes), business start-up information (stuff for newbies is golden), how-to market, copywriting and a few others.

There are a few niches you should ‘try' to avoid though. Software. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of darn good software with affiliate programs though they are a pain to sell. Though, some internet marketing software sells rather nicely such as Keyword Elite 2.0 beta. Another is cooking. I love cooking and cooking products, but there are just way too many free things on the net from cooking to ever need to buy a e-book or what not.

Those are just my suggestions. What works for me might not work for you. So feel free to try any niche and see how you do in it!

2) What do people need (in that niche)?

Got a great product idea? Awesome! You're sure it'll revolutionize the world? Great! Do people actually need it and ask for it? No? Well then you have no business there, at least not in terms of affiliate products.

To find out what people need, all you need to do it ask! that is. See what people are asking, and find products to answer their questions.

You can also:

  • Search on internet forums for topics and questions (and solutions)
  • Ask consumers directly
  • See Ebay's Pulse (hot list) for current trends and topics
  • See Google Trends and Hot Trends lists

Also most importantly: use your brain. Figure out what the main problem is in your niche and find a product that solves that problem. If you already have a product, then find a affiliate product that solves the next logical step or other issues that your clients might come across while using your product. Tip: a complementary product is not a fishing e-book when selling a blogging e-course.

3) Pick a product.

This is probably the most difficult part out of everything. It's hard enough that they are a gazillion products out there to choose from and that most of them suck (no offence anything one out there with a product), but it's just ‘that' hard to find the right one for you.

What does ‘the right one' mean?

Well, if you have a product is should be a affiliate product which complements your own. This means that the two products work well together and both add value to each other. For example, if you are offering a product on e-mail marketing you can add-on a ebook product on how to write better copy. If you have a video series on fishing, a good complimentary product might be a product that lists all the best spots for fishing anywhere in the country.  And so on.

Though it's not all just about ‘if the shoe fits'. The product you pick HAS to be a non-crappy, non-scammy good product. If you choose a poorly written or made affiliate product to bundle with your own you run the very high risk of a) not selling anything and b) ruining your reputation.

So how to actually find an affiliate product? Search the internet, most products offer some affiliate program. Though for easy searches look into:

Though one of the best places to find products is to use a service called CBEngine. It pulls it's listing from Clickbank put it is all extremely well ordered and laid out. You can very easily sort and search by any number of topic and subtopics. my first stop when I need an affiliate product.

There are others, but these are just a few to get your creative juices flowing. From these source you will want to pick products that

  • Complement your current product (assuming you have one).
  • Has a good sales letter.
  • Is NOT a scam.
  • Is well written.
  • Has a very low refund rate.
  • Preferably has testimonials.
  • Has a decently long (enough) sales letter.
  • Preferably has a (good) video sales letter.
  • Pay enough to make it worth while.

4) Stick it on your site

Easiest way to do it is to have your webmaster do it. This part is simple and doesn't need much explaining, plus this isn't a technology tutorial. Best place to put your affiliate product is in the upsell.

With all these tips you should be able to find a good affiliate product to use and market. If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments about this please let me know in the comments below.