Great News For Website Owners From Google - Webmaster Tools Top Search Queries

I may be harsh on Google at times (like in my previous post), but they do come out and do something nice and once in a while. This time around, they are giving more power to us website owners through the Webmasters Tools.

This new addition is a rather long await and sweet feature called “Top search queries”. So, now you're able to see exactly what search term your website ranks for and how often it's clicked on, on those search terms.

Directly from the Google blog:

We've got good news for site owners who are frequent users of the Top search queries feature in Webmaster Tools: we’re now providing more detailed data for each individual search query. We previously just reported the average position at which your site’s pages appeared in the search results for a particular query. Now you can click on a given search query in the Top search queries report to see a breakdown of the number of impressions and the amount of clickthrough for each position that your site’s pages appeared at in the search results associated with that query. Impressions are the number of times that your site’s pages appeared in the search results for the query. Clickthrough is the number of times searchers clicked on that query’s search results to visit a page from your site. In addition to impressions and clickthrough numbers, you’ll also see a list of your site's pages that were linked to from the search results for that search query. As we went about increasing the amount of data available, we also implemented measures to increase the detail of the data overall.

You can get a very pretty graph showing you which search term showed your website, how many times it showed it (Impressions), the click through numbers, and the clickthrough rate percentage. Of course you're also able to sort by any columns you want.

This websites stats look rather grim from a internet marketing perspective, most of the searches that go into my site are linux and computer related. Darn, I need more marketing viewers! Gotta figure that out somehow!

So how is this useful to you? Well, if you have a correctly set up site you now know exactly what people are searching for to get to you. You can take these keywords and optimize more for it. Or even create new articles with those exact keywords in the title!

This is probably one of the best SEO things Google has done for us in a long long time. Happy SEO'ing everyone! Let me know in the comments below what you think of this great change!