Good Customer Service Examples From My Purchase At Gilbert Henry

Good customer service examples are not as common as we'd want. Even more rare is a company going above and beyond in the little things that turn a regular customer, into a customer for life. The folks at Gilbert Henry did just that.

Good Customer Service Examples

I recently made a small order at Gilbert Henry thanks to a recommendation on a men's style site. My morning shaves were never really pleasant, so for a long time now I've been looking to perfect my shaving skill and acquire the ‘perfect' tools. While I have some good customer service examples from the usual places like Amazon and whole foods, it's hard for me to come by a place that really takes care of the little things that put a smile on my face (and keep it happily shaved and pain free too!).

Well, the thing is I have a tendency to like to have fun. When you order on their site there's the option to add a comment and/or special shipping instructions. So, being the fun loving man that I am I added a special request:

I'd like a cute anime dinosaur drawn on the box!

Sadly most companies completely ignore this. Well, to my surprise they did actually read my comment and drew a cute dino on the box! Look at the image above. That's the cutey they drew for me!


But that's not all. To put icing on the cake and how they got me as a customer for life now: they understood my joke! See, whenever I get something shipped to my personally I rarely use my actual name.

It's not for privacy reasons. It's because I like to see how people react and how they do about it. My default ship to name on Amazon and other places is “Lord Voldemort”.

Good Customer Service Examples

Yup, the guy from Harry Potter. I picked Voldemort as the name because his real name is “Tom Riddle.” I secretly hope venders see through to that, and play along with the joke! Well, the guys (and gals) at Gilbert Henry did … oh, and did they play it well:

Good Customer Service Examples

On the included packaging slip, they wrote the friendly note:

Thanks for the order, Mr. Riddle!

My wife couldn't figure out why I was laughing like a maniac until I showed her both the box and the letter.

So here's to you Gilbert Henry & staff: Thank you very much for putting a bright smile on my face, for being a good customer service examples story and for the products!

If anyone else has some good customer service examples that turned you into clients for life, let the world know. Great service deserves great shout-outs and PR!