Facebook Lockdown - Reclaim Your Privacy On Facebook

There are many things Facebook is great at, consumer privacy isn't one of them. Time and time again they have screwed us over with horrid privacy policies (or shall we say there lack of) and by making it extremely difficult (and annoying) to get it back. Well no more! In this video I show you how you can:

  • Remove yourself from the facebook ‘automatic' partner program (and no, this isn't a cool affiliate thing. This is where Facebook gives away all your data to these companies freely)
  • Block bad applications from having access to your account
  • Block applications from ever having access to your info even through your friends accounts
  • Set setting for maximum privacy
  • How to Lock Down Your Facebook profile to the max!

The links to the pages mentioned in the video are listed right below the video. So no need to guess where they all are!

Facebook Application to block:

Privacy setting links: