(DROA) Domain Registry Services Of America Scam - Don't Use Them!
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(DROA) Domain Registry Services Of America Scam - Don't Use Them!

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Like many business owners who've registered a domain name recently, you've probably received a physical letter mail from some company called “Domain Registry Services” or “Domain Registry Services of American”, it's a bad bad idea to go with their stuff. Don't do it! Below I explain who they are, what their business practices are and why to void them.

Domain Registry Services Of America Scam

The Domain Registry Services of American Scam or the Domain Registry Services Scam is a pretty big operation. Though they employ a very simple tactic to get you to pony up your hard earned money for something that they call their ‘best savings' and more. They are essentially using direct mail scare tactics in-order to get you to give them money.

Who is Domain Registry Services of America:

They are a company who provide domain name renewal services to domain name owners. The address on their mail is 2316 Delaware Avenue #226, Buffalo, New York 14216-2687. But here's the funny thing, guess what's at that address?


That's the google maps link. At that address you'll find a bunch of small shops including a UPS store. So guess what is “#226”, it's a PO box. And that's as much as you'll be able to actually find out about them. Their website is horridly outdated, and you certainly won't find any information about them there. Even their press page is not useful at all. There are no actual press releases at all. Just a bunch of text with zero links to any actual press releases. Heck, one of their “press releases” even has jibberish / junk text characters.

Why is Domain Registry Services Of America Scam?


  • You can't find any information about who they are
  • They completely hide who they are
  • None of their material is credible.
  • Even their own FAQ doesn't say anything about them.
  • Their legal terms for signing completely screw you over! (more on this in just a minute)
  • Their pricing is just absurd.
  • They use scare tactics and not much else.

Their pricing structure is just stupid, crazy and predatory:

They only send their junk mail to owners of domain names that are cheap, which means they'll never take an ‘expensive' domain. That in and of itself is a pretty good idea for them. Though it's their pricing that screws you, the domain owner, over.

Why? Because on average a .COM domain name (like this domain https://piotrkrzyzek.com) cost around $11 USD per year. They offer horrible terms, horrible legal terms and shitty pricing. Here is what they offer:

  • 1 year .com registration: $35 USD per year
  • 2 year .com registration (their recommended choice): $60 USD per two years
  • 5 years .com registration (the ‘best value'): $120 per 5 year term.

So let's do some basic math. Average price of a domain is $11 per year, and their price is $35. So after 10 years of paying year to year your costs with a normal domain registrar would be $110 USD. With them, it would be a MINIMUM of $350 USD. Why minimum? Because should anything ever mess us, they charge you for everything.

Domain mix up or small issue? That's a $200 charge right there (yes, I'm serious, that's what it says on their contract they mail). Need a refund for ANY reason? Nope! No refunds at all! … How about a failed domain transfer? Oh ok … they'll refund you the money, but not 100%. They'll keep a 10% ‘fee' … for what? For screwing up?!

**Their horrible legal terms:*

Here is just a small snippet of their shitty legal terms:

  • No refunds at all.
  • Should any issues pop up, YOU are responsible for defending them in court PLUS paying all their legal fees. Hey … is that even legal? Either way it's bullshit.
  • Payment issues? $200 fee right then and there. No refunds.
  • They are not required to respond to you at all, but anything they ask of you must be replied to within 10 days (or less) … or else!
  • They keep the right to kick you out at any time for any reason no matter what and you can't fight back.
  • At their “option” they may “require you to pay through a particular payment means (such as by credit card of by wire transfer) … So, they can force you to wire them money in an untraceable fashion?! Yikes ….

And it goes on and on. Really shitty terms.

Avoid these people like the plague.

Still don't believe me? Here are a few Google searches that have A LOT of results of this exact same topic:

Do not go with these people! Avoid!