Don't Think! You'll Only Hurt Yourself

STOP! Don't you dare think another thought. It's what's hurting you the most in your business. You think, think and think some more but never do. Some of you do go ahead and start on plans but never complete them because you over think or your mind strays. STOP IT. Stop thinking.

Thinking is what get's people ahead right? WRONG. It's action that moves business forward and thrives innovation. If people thought all the time we would still be in the dark ages. Don't get me wrong here: be creative, think of new initiatives and new marketing techniques. Learn and expand your mind, but in the process “do”.

Many internet marketers fall for this exact trap. They become the proverbial eternal student. They jump from one internet marketing topic to the next. From article marketing to twitter to youtube and on and on and on. They never pin down what they need to (or want to) do. This is a syndrome that more people fall into than I'd like. I know I've been there, and sort of am now.

For me starting out in internet marketing, once I found what I thought was “the next best thing” I hopped on it right away. Started on it, thought about it. Noticed is really is harder than what the so called “gurus” told me. Thought more about. Then started worrying how hard it is and how long it will take to do. Then I came across the ‘next best thing'. And the cycle repeated itself.

I couldn't stop thinking about it all, the small parts and big sections. Overall my own brain worked against me. I was focused on the task, but I just couldn't move past the “goal/plan & think” stage.

So, my point here is: Turn off your brain and take action. No matter what it is. Even if you screw up and fail horridly, it's OK. If you fail, you then know what doesn't work. So learn from your mistake, don't over think it, and go ahead with the next try or step.

Here is a tip if you ever start thinking in the wrong direction or on tangents: write it down on a piece of paper and forget about it. Come back to the other ideas later. Also try to do one ‘step' forward each day. Do something which actually moves you forward in life.

My fellow readers, what do you think is a good way to stop thinking and finally move forward?

note: image by Veer.