Does MoreDigital Pay Or Not? Let's Find Out!
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Does MoreDigital Pay Or Not? Let's Find Out!

Does MoreDigital Pay Or Not? Let's Find Out!

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More Digital is a company looking to build backlinks for themselves and their clients. Is there anything wrong with that? Nope, not at all. So the question really comes down to: Does More Digital give me my money after I put their link on my site? Right? That's the question we all want answered. So lets quickly go over the facts, and what we know so far about More Digital.

First and foremost they are a SEO company. They build backlinks (and maybe other things). Also, they are a UK based company. We also know that they send out a semi-generic e-mail to many website owners in-order to gain business (you can read about the types of emails they send in my previous articles here and here). The person e-mailing you will probably be different with every e-mail, since we have no clue about the size of the work force at More Digital we can only speculate that they do not use the same names over and over and/or use fake names … that THAT theory is not yet proven not valid in any way. It's just a hunch!

So are you going to get your money from More Digital? That depends. It depends on how much effort you put in into extracting the money from them.

From the reports I have been getting, it seems that it is difficult to open the More Digital wallets. Most people I have spoken to in private, over private messages, e-mail or forums say they had to chase after the money they were promised. One particular fellow I've been in contact with on Facebook DID get his money from More Digital … But only after 3 weeks and taking the ad off his site first. Others I have talked to have had a mixed response:

  • Very few (as in 1 or two) have gotten their money on time and without¬†hassle.
  • A select few have received their money but only after contacting more digital multiple times about the issue.
  • MANY have never received their money.

So yes, it is possible to get your money from More Digital. But you'll have to work for it (most likely).

Here are a few tips to give you the best odds of getting your money:

  • If you can, get payment upfront BEFORE putting any links up.
  • If you put links on your site(s) before getting paid and they have NOT paid you within the time in the contract (I believe they said 7 days or so), remove the links¬†immediately and send an e-mail to them saying that the link has been removed due to non-payment (Sample e-mail below).
  • Keep contacting them via e-mail/phone/post (if you can find the phone and post address of them) until they pay.
  • Last resort: If they still haven't paid, take them to small claims court for breach of contract. Since the UK does (as far as I know) have agreements with the USA over civil law penalties (or maybe it doesn't… I'm not a lawyer, so ask a real lawyer first) you might have the right to sue across international lines (again, ask a lawyer first).

Below is a sample e-mail you can use as a means to get MoreDigital to give you your legally owed monies!

Dear <name of person who e-mailed you OR ‘More Digital'>,

This email is to conform you that due to non-payment under the contract we are removing your links from our page(s). If you would like to reinstate the links please send the payment, in full, immediately.


<Your name or your company>

Best of luck on your online ventures folks! Let's hear your experience with payment from More Digital below in the comments.