The Dire Need For Leaders To Make Plans

Many people are natural born leaders, they are charismatic, great to be around and are respected by those around them, though they aren't that good of a leader if they can't make decent plans. These are things I've noticed about some great leaders versus people who attempt to be good, but fail at it and only serve to infuriate people (like me).

The Dire Need For Leaders To Make Plans

I must admit, I have a rather unique pet peeve: when people don't plan or plan but suck at it. I like order, structure and thus I like a schedule and plan. I'm not the type of guy you can call up one Saturday morning and ask to go hiking with to ‘someplace'. Nope. I'm the guy who needs at least 2 weeks notice, then I'd need to plan where we'd hike, what I'd need to bring, what to pack, how long we'll be, the trail and all that jazz.

Though in my personal life with friends and family, there's of course some wiggle room. I'm not a hard ass about it. But when it comes to professional events, sponsorships and business I'm rather firm about needing to know the plan for the day.

The worst culprits of this are small event hosts (both the organizer and the event location sponsor). Not too long ago an assisted living and rehab facility was hosting a popular Business After Hours event, where they (the building management) were put in charge of making sure everyone got there safe, knew where to go and of course had enough food and booze to go around. The food and booze they did very well, but that's all that did right. As you can imagine a facility like that can be rather big and is usually on a rather large lot.

I think having a large property is truly awesome, though when you fail to properly utilize that space to correctly guide people to your building … that's when their ‘leadership' starts to fail. At this particular event, the management put out no signs about where to turn, how to get there or where to go. Most people took about 25 minutes to find the event after they found the facility. This isn't including finding the time needed to find parking!

The coordination, or there lack of, was appalling. Most people were turned off by the management's lack of foresight and subsequently the facility actually lost some (not too much though) funding because of this event. Everyone thought the people were great, the food was delicious, the live music spectacular … but not too many people trusted them anymore in leadership.

From my own personal experience during our start-up phase, I screwed up in hiring. Not that I hired the wrong people, far from it. I hired too many people without having thought of the specific tasks they should be doing, the roles they need to fill and the goals they should be striving for. We all liked each other and when there was work for them they loved it … problem is most of them were getting frustrated with me, as their leader, because I failed to properly plan for their needs and to give them good orders.

People under you really do look at you for leadership. This means guidance, stability and compassion. They look to you for strength. Fail to do that and you're role as leader is seriously in trouble.

TLDR; don't be a fool, make proper plans!