The Difference Between A Winner And A Looser - Tony Robbins Video
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The Difference Between A Winner And A Looser - Tony Robbins Video

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With the “Power Of Absolute Certainty” you can pretty much do anything. What makes it all work or not, is all in your head. As he puts it “most people think that changes are HUGE in real life, but they're not. It's a 1mm difference.”

The difference between a winning golf stroke: 1mm angle when your club contacts the ball. The difference between a gorgeous woman and a “butt ugly one”? A 2mm difference on distance on a small part of her lips … it goes on!

The point of the whole talk: “What one 1mm change can I make that makes a big change everywhere else?

But, that's just part of the puzzle. Tony talks about how this fundamental change needs to happen in your head, but also in your state of mind (ie: heart). He makes it possible through “incantations” … which are different than affirmations. Affirmations are what the ‘gurus' tell us to do: repeat to yourself that “I am a great person. I will be successful.” …. and just like a robot you'll just keep doing that over and over with any changes. Tony's version, the incantations are much more powerful. If you watch the video it'll explain it better than I can, but the gist of it is that you make it physical, emotional and you REALLY REALLY get into it while chanting it like a mad man (or woman).

What successful people do that loser won't is making mental success and certainty a priority, and making it happen inside before they make it work outside.

To add to this, what also works is positive and negative visualizations. Now, I know some of you are screaming bloody murder “you cannot do negative emotional visualizations! They will wreck you!” Well … I don't agree with that. Why?

Because by acknowledging the pain in your life, the struggle you are going through … you can use it as a motivation to get away from the pain and the things you fear most. I do NOT focus on the pain in and of itself though. I use the pain point as a launching platform to remind myself of what's to come if I don't shape up and get better, and then that propels me to think about the great things I demand in life.

What do you do for visualizations and incantations? Or do you not use them or not need them?