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Honest, 1st Hand Experience Review Of Renatus & Real Estate Mastery Mentors Group Hosted By Bob Tierney

Update 2 (01/23/15): I’ve written an update to this more specifically about Scott Rowe and understanding Renatus at it’s core here: Scott Rowe Real Estate Scam … or not? Update (11/21/13): Bob Tierney e-mailed me recently and asked if I could post an update about him, his local troops and what’s been going on. If you’re […]

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How To Be A Fierce Competitor By Jeffrey J. Fox – Book Review

“What Winning Companies and Great Managers Do in Tough Times”, is the tagline of Jeffery J. Fox’s book entitled “How To Be A Fierce Competitor.” As you can probably gather just from the title, this book is rather feisty. It’s all about how to be the #1 company anyone has ever had the pleasure to do business with. I’ll tell you all about this book and give you my recommendation in just a bit, though I first have to answer this question: “Peter, why are you reviewing this book?”

The answer is simple and in two parts: a) the book is a good book and b) Mr. Fox himself sent me a autographed edition! That .. and I also promised to review it a while back. Here is the article I wrote up about the super, awesome, synergistic signed copy:

So let’s get down right into it.

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Perftect Phrases for Business Letters By Ken Q’Quinn – Book Review

Perfect Phrases for Business Letters by Ken Q’Quin (I don’t know his actual website, but he is on Facebook! Woot!) is one of those book you won’t want sitting on a shelf collecting dust. You’ll want to keep this book by right next to your computer and in your brief case when you go out. […]

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Google Interface Inconstitencies & Problems – A Internet Marketers Nightmare

Love it or hate it, Google is here to stay but that doesn’t mean they live up to their motto of “Don’t Be Evil” (DBE). Like anything in the real world, Google is driven by profit. Thankfully most of what pushes Google forward and marking it as top dog is it’s adherence to science, math […]

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How To Get To The Top By Jeffrey J. Fox – Book Review

“How To Get To The Top: Business Lessons Learned At The Dinner Table” by Jeffrey J. Fox is a rather interesting book to read and not what I expected (in a good way). I’ve read my fair share of books like this, some better some worse and this book started out rather grim. I don’t […]

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