Business Insights From Eat Pray Love (2010) & Movie Review
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Business Insights From Eat Pray Love (2010) & Movie Review

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Eat Pray Love is a movie about self discovery, though a lot of the lessons learned can be applied back to business and how to run one. Sounds like a stretch? Maybe, but hang with me here for a minute and I'll explain how it all fits together.

Sometimes it's important to go on a self-discovery journey with your business to figure out exactly where you and your business want to me. Who knows, maybe you'll find out that the two of you aren't made for each other.

There is a lot that happens in any business at any given moment that has nothing to do with feelings and gushy emotional movie scenes, though there are still many things that do have a direct correlation. So let's start by looking at the movie as a whole and from a business mindset.

In the movie Julia Roberts plays a depressed and unhappy woman named Liz Gilbert. Liz is unhappy with where her life is, where it's been and where it's heading. So she decides to end the marriage and figure things out. For this she goes on a spiritual journey around the world. This seems like a pretty standard story so far.

Sadly most reviews do not paint the movie in a good light. Some people want to shoot the main character, others think the characters are unrealistic and even some think that the story is overall very poorly thought-out and acted. To that I say: I think you're all wrong. So here, is my Eat Pray Love movie review oriented for the business mind!

While this isn't the most original story it does portray depression in a very real light. The movie also show the best of the surrounding cultures and how they all fit in. For many people, such world travels and cultures seem very alien and un-realistic. Seems that those same people have never been to Italy, India nor Bali. I can't speak of the Indian culture first hand, though I can say that the movies portrail of the Italian and Balinese people is very accurate. For someone, like me, who has lived in both places the culture shock and silliness and little nuances of both cultures gave me a very good laugh and put a big smile on my face.

Also, people who think that Liz is a spoil rich white woman are the same people who have never been through real depression. The cause isn't always clear and once you are truly and completely depressed, you really do start hating the world and not caring. With depression usually come lots of broken relationships, bad decisions, a lot of self-loathing and a sometimes a big yearning to escape ‘somewhere'.

When Liz wasn't able to figure things out on her own, she sought and got help from friends, family and those around her. Without them, her life would be most likely ended in a bloody unpleased mess. By being around loving and caring people, she was able to pull herself through depression and work out many of her issues.

Overall it was a very entertaining and heart-warming movie (and rather reaslistic) even though I wanted to smack Liz upside the head sometimes. It's well worth a watch for the world traveler, the broken hearted and those of us who sometimes need a bit of guidance.

This all relates to running a business and getting things done!

A business cannot survive without a purpose nor a proper sense of self. Nor can a business live with itself if it hates itself and has no direction/goal. In the beginning of the movie Liz is a rather unhappy soul just making it through the day in whatever way she can. She is clearly unhappy with her current life. This is the same as a business, and the business owner(s), hating where they are in the business and hating what the business is currently doing … or not doing.

If the business has no idea where is going, where it's supposed to go or even where it currently is then it's impossible to move forward .. just like Liz. Business need to move forward, grow, learn and expand. In-order to do this they, and you, have to take challenges in life.

This means going out there and being exposed. Taking risks. And yes, even failing and getting hurt.

Business lessons we can pick up from the movie:

  • If you're not happy with the present situation, it needs change. Sometimes even major change and even business divorce. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be! So get over it, move it. Place one foot in-front of the other and get right back up and move forward.
  • You cannot do it alone. There is no such thing as a one-man-band business. At one point or another you need the help, support and expertise (even if it's just a different point of view) of others. Surround yourself with people who can help you and have similar drive to grow and be better.

There certainly are other business insights. But those two are enough for now. Most people, even myself, at times have to realize that it's time to start fresh and to move on with life. Find work that you really love to do, and do that. If you have to work for someone else for the time being: so be it. But don't waste your days away on a business relationship which only eats away from days one at a time.

Live life!

That now brings me to you: what movies have you found inspiration from? Business inspirations  personal or even spiritual inspirations? And what good has come out of the actions you've taken because of those movies?