Bob's Progress Update At Renatus

Bob Tierney has been working to build his branch of the Renatus real estate training system (a MLM program + community) for some time now. Recently he e-mailed me an updated and asked me to share it with you guys. He's had some interesting new developments, so take a read. Maybe it's the community which makes real estate work? hmm ….

Bob's Progress Update At Renatus

Hi Piotr!

You will be happy to know that Renatus has been working hard at re-recording all of their classes. Bob built a $300,000 video recording studio with state-of-the-art high def cameras and audio recording equipment. They have brought new instructors on, some people who were trained in the program and are now successful investors, inspired to give back to the community that helped them become successful. The new video training classes are really first class and well done. I can't wait to share them with you. It might take a year to redo them all as there are so many, but at least Renatus is committed to making things better and have shown a huge commitment to their students by doing so.

I have been more and more inspired by Renatus as the years have gone by. I have done another Victorian restoration project since we last spoke, a 1902 property that I purchased for $39,500, rehabbed and rented out for $1550 a month. It appraised for $165,000 when I finished it, and I was able to refinance the property and take about $35K more out of the property then it cost me to buy and rehab. (That was a awesome deal that also made a HUGE difference for the neighborhood. You can check out some pictures on my facebook page,

I am working on 2 more deals now, one in Barrington and another in Elgin IL. I am also now in a position because of this educational program and community to become a money lender for real estate deals to people in our group. If someone would have told me 8 years ago when my credit was trashed and I had less than $5K to my name that I would be a money lender, doing real estate deals, and making a difference in the lives of literally hundreds of people I would have told them they were crazy.

I am very grateful for the Renatus community, their fantastic instructors & educational programs, and support network they have evolved into. I also LOVE the fact they would rather keep the money that other groups and gurus out there spend on marketing their programs in the family by offering such a generous compensation program for their affiliates and real estate investor community members.

I appreciate that your review and experience is still online! I would love the opportunity to share some of our new stuff and direction with you, maybe I can get you to update your review of us.

Best to you,

Bob Tierney

Who knew that renovating old Victorian style homes could be so profitable?! Almost makes you want to pick up a few yourself aye? Though I'm more of a multi-unit type guy. 🙂

Thanks for the update Bob. It'll be interesting to see the new videos once they're out.

For those of you who have met Bob, what do you think of this local group and his style?