Blog Content Writers Block? No Problem!

What's worse than sitting down to finally blog and then your mind goes completely blank? For a blogger? Not much. No ideas means no content and no content means death, especially for a internet marketer.

Though it's not as difficult to find quality content for your blog at all. You just have to think outside of the box sometimes in order to find said ideas.

So lets get straight down to it, where can you as a blogger find content ideas (and content!):

News Sources: This is your best source of ideas. Why? Cause it's the news that's why! Every day there are thousands and thousands of news stories released! Many probably don't apply to you or your niche, but there are plenty that do. Finding these niche stories is also rather easy, a lot easier than most people think.

For example, if you are a technology blogger you could subscribe to websites like Slashdot, Tech World News, and Business Week – Technology. There are plenty of others, you'll just have to search for them. Subscribe to their RSS feeds and read the latest headlines. Get a good idea from there then report on it.

Though new outlets provide a plethora of news, a lot of it can just get in the way. So to trim down your pickings you can use keyword targeted searches. And not just regular searches, Google Alerts.

Google Alerts: Google alerts is a search ‘live' search service. It can give you real time results from Google Search. So that means any keyword you give it, it will tell you right away (if you tell it so) whenever a new site with your keyword pops up!

For example lets say your niche and keyword is “dog training”. All you have to do is type in “dog training” into the search box in Google Alerts, select “feed” from the Deliver To option and then click Create Alert. This creates for you a RSS feed, that you can control, which will give you real time results for “dog training”. So whenever a new website, video, blog or news story pops up with the keywords “dog training” you will know about it instantly.

I say RSS feed here specifically because there is a e-mail option in Google Alerts. Well, for me that's a bit too annoying. My e-mail is filled with out stuff already. I don't need more ‘junk' cluttering up my mailbox and wasting my time. But that's another story.

Old Content: Old content is a goldmine for content. Why reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of people who need to learn the old stuff still? So take a good old article you wrote and re-write it and update it! Poof! Insta-content! Only slightly slower than instant noodles.

Speaking of rewriting, a good place to get new fresh content for your blog/article is to grab someone else's article and re-write it into your own words. By why do this yourself?

Ghost Writers & Re-Writers: The one thing everyone should learn is business, any business, is outsource what you can … well, at least that works for Internet marketing. Creating fresh content yourself takes a LONG time. Heck, writing this post has already taken me 30+ minutes (to get to this sentence). Hiring a ghost writer will save you a lot of time and can help you earn a lot of money.

I'm not going to go into how to profit from ghost writing here, but know that you can AND they are an excellent source of unique fresh content for your blog. How? It's simple, find a good one. Give them a few keywords and tell them to write a 500 word article per each keyword phrase / title. That simple. For a good freelance writer expect to pay anywhere between $15 to $30+ per article. Though if you're like me you'll want to stay in the $10 range because there really is not need to have SUPER duper ultra Einstein quality articles on my blog. I'm not writing a book here not profiting THAT much ‘just' from writing. Wouldn't make sense.

Now a re-writer, you can get these very cheap. In the $1.00 to $2.50 range PER article! WOOT! What is a re-writer? They take an article you give them, and re-write it to your specifications.

If you think I'm crazy at $1.00 per article? Nope. It's possible, do-able and I've gotten many articles done this way so far. The best, absolute best place to get cheap work is

For other ideas, just look at your life. If you're a niche blogger then you are probably involved in that topic somehow. Blog about your experiences with it. Just write whatever comes to mind, and only the organize them into coherent articles. Best tip yet!