Backlinking Is Your Friend & is Not Blackhat!

Backlinks are your friends. There is nothing evil or wrong about them and they cause no harm anywhere. So what is a backlink?

A backlink is a http link (like this: that points to your site from some other site. In Twitter terms, this is almost like a retweet. If you use WordPress, then these are automagically created for you. Most blogging software out there can handle all of that without issue.

If you've ever gotten a comment on one of your posts that looks something like:

My cool site

[…] some part of your article is here […]

Looks spammy right? More often than not, it's not spam. It's an automated message from another WP blog telling you “HEY! I've linked to your site”. This is a very good thing. Back links provide you with a greater online presence and increase your websites ranking.

The more backlinks you have the lower your Alexia, the higher your Google Page Rank, and can actually get you ranked on Google/Yahoo/Bing/ect if you aren't yet. That is extremely powerful stuff.

Some people think this is ‘blackhat', immoral and illegal. Let me tell you that it is none of those three. The idea of backlinking is no different than a company leaving a business card in another store (with permission).

Let's take a few popular examples of backlinks that you might not be aware of:

  • Facebook Profile: On your Facebook profile, you can add your website to your profile. This is a normal and very socially acceptable “backlink”.
  • Facebook Fanpage: You can link back to your page from a fan page or group.

At this point, if you just created a fresh website, and added those two links you would already have to high quality backlinks to your page! How cool is that? You'd already be far ahead of many websites on the net!

  • Other Social Website profiles: These include all sets of social sites (like Facebook and MySpace), social bookmarking websites (such as Digg,StumbleUpon) and forums
  • Comments on websites/blogs: Did you know that when you comment on a blog, you can leave a link to your website along with your comment? Nice free backlink all while comment and helping out the other guy.

I don't know about you, but the more backlinks I have the happier I'll be. My main website doesn't have many at the moment, but I have to change that soon. More backlinks almost certainly means more pageviews, more conversions and more followers.

To build backlinks all you have to do is create web profiles on other sites and comment on blogs. They will build your backlinks quickly. Just make sure they are relevant links 🙂

There are a few SEO services you can purchase, though they usually can be rather expansive. There are also a few tools to help you do so. I'm not going to list anything here about that yet because I still have to figure out the best tools, services and processes. Once I know I will let you all know.

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