Atheist Vs Ignorance - A Few Basic Thoughts On Atheism

While you can disagree with Atheism, it's really tough to take you seriously when you're ignorant about what it is. Just like mocking Muslims, Jews or even Buddhists for their beliefs without understanding makes you an ignorant bigot, trying to argue against Atheism without understand it only makes you a fool.

I'm writing this rather controversial post because of a question asked on Auora entitled “Why do atheists say that they will believe in God only if God shows himself? Is God subject to their orders?“. It sparked a few thoughts in me and stirred some feelings, all only to remind me that many people don't understand Atheism and possibly dislike it simply because it exists (without even trying to understand it).

Thankfully, a few smart people chimed in to help explain.

Jay Wacker said this:

What would it take for you to believe in the Norse gods?

Probably for Thor to come down from Valhalla.

Atheists simply believe this about all religions, including yours.

In all honesty, Thor showing up would be rather cool. Though at the same time it would mean things aren't going well in the etherial plane.

Barry Hampe, a writer and well versed man, explained it best with this:


They don't say that. I am almost 80 and a life-long atheist, and I have never, ever said that. What I do say is this:

If you can show me credible, objective, verifiable evidence that the god of your religion exists, I shall immediately stop being an atheist and join your religion.

So far, no one has even come close.

Is God subject to their orders?

As an atheist, I have no belief in any god or gods. To make such a ridiculous demand, that some god must show itself to me, would require some sort of belief that some god might exist. I don't have that belief. Or some sort of hope or desire that some god might exist. I don't have that hope or that desire. While it may be difficult for you to understand, I am quite happy living in a godless world. I wouldn't change it.

About your question:

Because you have a belief in some god, you live in a world in which you are certain that god exists. When an atheist says, as we mostly do, “The burden of proof is on you. Show me convincing evidence that your god exists,” of course you can't. Since you have no credible, objective, verifiable evidence that your god exists, but you know your god does exist (because of your belief), you hear the request for evidence as a demand that your god show himself to the atheist. It's not.

Atheists consider god to be a human invention, and therefore the invented god cannot possibly show itself. Even believers know their god doesn't show himself, so they construct representations of their gods to put in their religious places so that they will have something to look at. Lots of statuary. Lots of religious symbols. No actual god(s).

About your belief:

It's fine with me, even though I'm an atheist, for you to believe in whatever god it is that you believe in. I personally think you are wrong and that this is a waste of your time and treasure, but it's your life and your decision. (I also think that those who choose to play golf on Sunday morning are wasting their time and treasure, but it's their choice. I would never do it.)

However, when you try to bring the god of your belief into my godless world, you are trespassing. I do not ask your god to show itself, because I think that has an extremely low probability. I simply say that unless you have convincing evidence to support your assertions about your god, you'll have to stop talking about it or move on. I have no interest in unsupported assertions about your belief. As I said above, I am quite happy living in a godless world.

You, on the other hand, appear to be disturbed that anyone doesn't share your beliefs. Too bad.

TLDR; Show us atheists proof. No more. No less. Other than that we don't demand anything of any god, God, gods, goddesses or the like. Simply verifiable proof and we'll admit we are wrong and switch to that belief system.