And Now For Something Completely Different

… “A man with three butts”.

Well, no not really. But I've been thinking lately about my websites goal, aim and purpose. I've decided to change things up, and I'm confident it's all for the better.

The problem is a problem of where I want this site to go. To tell you the truth I don't know. But I do know I want it to reflect who I am and what I believe in (and love).

My latest posts were all about SEO, business, writing … I tried to have fun with those. But there is only so much I, as a new person in this crazy internet world, can do without growing more as a person and as a business.

Therefore, I believe this website as it is has to come to an end. I'm going to shut down my website and revamp it in a new style and image that will reflect me and who I am.

Don't worry folks, this post isn't just a rant about me. I have some good insights which I believe a lot of you can benefit from. So read on to hear the age old wisdom of a young 25 year old man who's just learning his place in the world. Learn from my mistake so you can avoid them.

When I started my website a several years ago, I made it as a tribute to myself and my soul. It was about me, fun things in my life and to help me connect with my friends. Kind of like a personal Facebook site.

It eventually evolved into what it is today. A hodge-podge of internet marketing, business, some real estate, geek things and just about anything. It didn't have any definite purpose.

I was wondering why on earth no one signed up for my newsletter, no one commented nor why no one clicked on anything. I was very lost and confused, just like my site.

So I sought the help of some professionals on the internet and I asked them the simple question: What am I doing wrong on my website?

And do you know what they said? They answered with a questions of their own: “What is the purpose of your websites? Who is your target audience?”

That got me thinking a little bit, so I thought. Ok, I'll make it all about internet marketing! So I changed the name to “Internet Marketing with Piotr Krzyzek.”

And amazing things happened! People where coming to my site. Reading my posts …

And yet nothing changed at all except my logo.

No extra conversions, no better readership. Bleh. I wasn't happy. I re-organized to be more internet marketing oriented. I was making internet marketing related posts …. And nothing. so I said screw it.

That is where I went wrong.

After the Fab50 call with Connie Green, I began thinking that there might really be something wrong with me site. And it wasn't just the design nor the article titles. The problem was the Aim. What do I want my website to be?! Connie said I should change the name to something more memorable like Krazy Pete and focus my site.

And you know what? She was right!

Not only do I have a image problem, but a conflict of interests. Yes, plural.Too many ideas and everything that I try to cram into my little site which is branded under my name.

This isn't nor … nope. This is a me site! It took a conversation with Jeanne Kolenda for me to really realize this.

I tweeted that I was slightly out of content, and she said: “Why don't you write some posts taken from your thesis? Everything doesn't have to be about making money or marketing.

And she's right. My site is “MY” site. I've written about so many topics here I might as well have called my site and made it another Wikipedia site!

So, in the future. After I revamp and reload, there will be a brand new me. Brand new website. All about … everything that's fun and interesting. There will be still a lot to learn, but there will be whole new directions of learning! ……. if that made any sense 🙂

To all you #blog30'ers … I wouldn't have been able to grow without you! Thank you so much for helping me become the man I should be and my site that it should be! Thank you all so much!

My last tip to you all before I shut this site down: Make sure your current site (or any new site) has laser focus aim! If it doesn't, you'll end up in the gutter and never know why!

I'll be back with this site soon!

Let me and everyone else know in this awesome-tastic world what has changed your life around! What changes have you made that made the grass greener on YOUR side for once!