The Amazon Associates Re-opens In Illinois
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The Amazon Associates Re-opens In Illinois

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Great news fellow affiliate sellers who live/work in Illinois, the Amazon Associates is now open again in Illinois after a 4 year hiatus! We can rejoin and start getting out affiliate commissions again.

The Amazon Associates Re-opens In Illinois

For those unfortunate of us to be stuck in Illinois back in 2009, Amazon pulled it's affiliate program from Illinois due to tax reasons. Illinois wanted too much and Amazon wanted the exact opposite. Illinois didn't give in, and so any affiliate sellers on Amazon in Illinois had their accounts suspended permanently.

Sadly, for many us of that meant a decent side business was just lost. Bummers. Even worse for anyone using that as their golden egg!

But great news, Illinois residents (and businesses) can now use the Amazon Associates affiliate program again!

Yup. You read that right: The Amazon Associate affiliate program re-opens in Illinois!

From the e-mail:


We're pleased to announce that the Amazon Associates program is again open to residents of the State of Illinois. We're now able to re-open the program because the Illinois State Supreme Court recently struck down legislation that had forced Amazon to close the program to residents of Illinois. Amazon strongly supports federal legislation like the Marketplace Fairness Act that’s now pending before Congress, which is the only constitutional way to resolve interstate sales tax collection issues.

Residents of Illinois who would like to participate in the Amazon Associates program can submit an application here:

Thanks for your past participation in the Amazon Associates program. We hope to see you again soon.

All you have to do is sign up again, which is super easy, through their link in the e-mail and you'll be on your way. Just make sure to select your NEW account when creating affiliate links. This is because your old account was never deleted, if you had one that is, it's there for ‘historical' reasons.

Once you're accepted (an automated fast process) you'll receive this e-mail:

Thank you for applying to the Associates Program, !

Thank you for applying to the Associates Program. You'll receive another email from us officially welcoming you to the Program once we've reviewed your Web site. You have been granted full access to Associates Central–the online resource area for Associates. It provides a complete range of features for exclusive use by our Associates. You may log in to Associates Central 24-hours a day to:

Build new links Generate online earnings reports Access our extensive graphics library Update your account information Get the latest news about what's new at Learn how to increase referral fees Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Thank you for joining the Associates Program. We look forward to working with you! The Associates Program Staff Associates Program

P.S. Please note for future reference that your unique Associates ID is . You may occasionally need to provide this information to verify your account with us.

If, for some reason, you are unable to access Associates Central at this time you can still create a homepage link by following these directions:

This is your unique Home Page Linking Format: Here's how the link should look in your HTML document: Shop at!